Thursday, 5 January 2012

Don't Roll Up the VIN, To Win

With the recent juxtaposition of top CEO pay to average worker pay in Canada, I think it's only fitting to contrast something people can take immediate action and get satisfying results.

Tim Hortons in 3 quarters this year has made $280 million in profits.  Congratulations to their shareholders.
Did you notice the "do not litter" request made by Tim Horton's on each coffee cup?

As I was getting my coffee this morning, I noticed this:

Not uncommon.  Go to any Tim Hortons, and take a look.  People accidentally drop cigarette butts where they order food and Tim Hortons continually does not clean them up.

Making 280 million in 3 quarters, asking us not to litter, then demonstrating the seriousness of their request by housing their property like pigs?  Does this piggy attitude extend to how they handle our food?  If habits are a discipline based on a mindset, then what mindset enables Tim Horton's to 'care' about our food, when they do not 'care' about their property?  This is something people should be outraged by. 

How can a company make 280 million in 3 quarters and not afford to be consistent with a request they make to us in cleaning up their own litter?  Option 1, remove "please do not litter" from all cups.  Option 2, clean up mess.  Whatever choice you make, be consistent.

What if every person said, "I'm not buying a coffee from Tim's until you practise what you preach"? Bet your bottom dollar they would have the place spotless in 24 hours.  Do you mind the disgusting garbage at Tim's?  Do you mind them telling us (on a coffee cup we pay for) not to litter while tolerating it on their very property?  We should mind.  They are asking us to play by a different set of rules (be disciplined and steward property well) that they themselves continually ignore….after all, it cost money to pay for someone to clean.

I hereby make Jan. 20th "Clean up you litter, then I'll buy a coffee" day at every Tim Hortons.  If Canada kept the stores empty for 1 day, we would be driving into a clean Tim Hortons.  The choice is ours.


  1. Do not litter also means don't drop your butts on the ground. You should be blaming your fellow customers, not Tim Hortons. Yes Tim's should clean it up, but they are not the litter bugs. Look in the mirror. And don't blame me as I don't use pickup windows.

  2. I don't know what location you are going to but the 2 that I go to on a regular basis are continuously cleaning inside and outside. I suggest you try another location.

  3. (8:25, agreed...but it is still their property)
    (8:52, after 8 stores, I decided to post, people can see for themselves)

  4. I have seen some that are clean and some that are filthy. There is a comment box in each Tim's and that would be a great comment to put in their box.

  5. I don't recall any Tim Hoton's stores being that dirty. Not that I noticed, anyway. Also, I don't get the connection between Tim Horton's instructions not to litter, even if there are TH stores that are dirty and the news items you referred about corporate ceos making increasingly higher salaries when workers jobs are being outsourced to Mexico and China and workers are being asked to take pay cuts. If the connection is just about corportations being hypocritical, then I think the anlalogy lacks relevance because the request not to litter while not cleaning up customers cigarette butts is inconsequential by comparison to factories closing, and workers being unemployed. At least, the comparison is not relevant to me.

  6. Ryan - if it bothers you that much make your coffee at home before you leave for work - problem solved.


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