Friday, 17 June 2011

NDP Damn's The Workforce

Harper gives NDP something to chew on at convention

The buzz this weekend will be Harper’s swift, hammer-like approach to force striking Air Canada workers and locked-out postal workers back to their kiosks and mail routes.
The threat of back-to-work legislation has caused fits in the House of Commons among NDP MPs, and to a lesser extent Liberals, because it involves the red meat issue of the left — protecting workers’ right to strike and bargain collectively.
Brad Lavigne, the party’s national director who recently accepted a new position as principal secretary in Layton’s office, says Harper’s actions have stirred the labour movement.“This is sending a signal to the labour movement that it is time to suit up and get ready for some significant fights.”
Once again the NDP howl and wail over the wrong issue. If you truly cared about workers you would seek to work with employers to ensure mutual benefit and profit.  I fight for the workers Mr. Lavigne by making profit and re-investing in our company, by learning and growing with my employees!  This is what you should be encouraging your labour market to be stirred to, not picketing if they are losing a fight that the free market would have them replaced over in a jiffy.   Hard working Canadians should abhor the 'logic' that the labour movement is stirred if unions are held to account within the framework of minor accountability.  Let's expose the fake labour movement as destructive to workers and highlight the joy of the real labour movement: employees working hard to make their company a profit and in so doing, advance in pay and skills!

I like fighting.  I weighed 200lbs in 2007.  1 year later I fought at 168lbs and won my first fight!

If the NDP wants to pick a fight about "labour movements", I'm up for it.  If the NDP won the labour fight, they would lead their followers off a steep socialistic cliff and damn all the rest of us in the process.  Fight for what you value.

Can't A Business Owner Get Some Love?

You think this is funny CUPW?
Alberta says it will ensure the delivery of mail to government offices during the Canada Post strike. In this file photo, Canada Post vehicles sit idle outside a sorting depot in the borough of Ville St. Laurent in Montreal.

What truck are my cheques and bills in?

Do you think this serves your clients CUPW?

Hey CUPW! Trump and I have a message for you!

 "Get Back to Work!"


(I'm really a nice guy...really)


NDP's 'Moral Relativism' Drives Their Inability To Produce A Constitution

With loud trumpets the NDP* blares their championed phrases to rally the deep emotions of their passionate voting base.  I call on the NDP to release their constitution to proclaim the basis on which they want to decrease private-everything and increase public-everything.  What makes the NDP policy "moral"?

Moral Relativism is a pillar on which the NDP base their policy.  No wonder they refuse to post their constitution! As soon as they say A, they automatically must accept NOT-A as equally's a big ball of half thoughts and inflamed emotions.  If I ran my life the way the NDP runs their policy, I would be equally 'hush hush' about my core principles.

For the foolish who vouch for the legitimacy of moral relativism, then at least accept the "Moral Police" of Iran as equal to a contrasting view. It's all realative, so it's all good...right?


Iranian 'Moral Police' Enforcing 'Un-Islamic' Dress Code

If the NDP says, "our policy is as moral as the Iranian Moral Police because they are each based on our own set of personal values" then I will accept the NDP as consistent. 

Moral Relativism may allow the bleeding socialists to get really mad that the 'Iranian Moral Police' are cracking down on others 'rights'...but the problem is, the NDP have already accepted a morally relative position whereby they have no grounds to argue it's wrong without debasing their own policy: because each are relative according to the NDP'er.  How do you make a Constitution out of endless complications of this nature?

(*I am not referring to every single NDP'er. Just most of them.)

Japan vs. Vancouver

What a contrast!
Check these pics out.
With the self induced disaster, perhaps a civics course on personal responsibility would have helped.

Self Induced Disaster

While (a fraction of) Vancouver citizens destroyed their town, others were rebuilding theirs:
Japan: 3 Months Later

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Conservatives, Don't Copy NDP Philosophy

This is not rocket science.  Free the market. Ron Paul has it right on the money.  Enough government stimulated action plans. 

Also Consider:

CBO: ‘Great deal of the pain’ of downturn still to come

“A great deal of the pain of this downturn lies in front of us still,” Douglas W. Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, told reporters as he laid out a daunting list of challenges on both the budget and the economy.

The budget office also has been charged with reviewing the effects of the 2009 stimulus package, and its analysis says that the spending did help, though maybe not as much as the Obama administration projected when it said the Recovery Act would be responsible for 3.5 million jobs.

According to the CBO, the extra stimulus spending supported between 1.4 million and 3.6 million jobs at its peak. But the low-end figure is just as likely as the top-end figure, meaning that it’s just as likely the administration hit less than half its target.

Governments do not stimulate real economic growth.  The 'action plan' of governments investing in area's it has no business is a joke that only creates the (short term) illusion of helping families. 

Also consider:

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