Saturday, 28 May 2011

How To Defeat The NDP: Demand Their Constitution Be Made Public

How is a 'political opinion' established, then passed into law?
Is it based on 'what is right' and 'what is wrong'?
Is it based on 'popular majority, regardless of right and wrong'?
Is it based on a Deity saying something, and the people follow the code of the higher being(s)?

When the left strongly advocates for something, what presupposes their position? I.E, what under girds and makes it true, just or right?  The Conservative Constitution is public.

Is it, "this is what is right?"  If so, according to what or who?  Their opinion? Their hearts? The consensus of Canadian values?"

Perhaps we should discuss opinions on what is popular and not what is right or wrong.  If this sounds silly, then where is the NDP Constitution?

I find it striking that something by Mr. Layton can be said with such passion and conviction, but so little supporting core principles where others can learn just how his views are upheld.  I know his voter base are not anti-intellectuals and would appreciate seeing the constitution so they can base an argument on something besides raw hysteria, emotion or 'surface logic'.  Let's get the constitutions public.
I trust there is no hidden agenda, nor anything that will scare off millions of voters, uh...right?

The 'logic' the NDP are presenting to Canadians is "you can strongly and passionately advocate your views (at the Federal level) without defending/showing a core set of guiding principles".  From this, it follows, you don't need 'core principles' to have Mr. Layton's passion to argue positions (by default of him not apologizing for negligently not showing them).   If Mr. Layton does not need so show core principles, then it's not about 'what is right', rather its about what is popular.  Therefore, he cannot argue for his positions, or against others positions on axiomatic moral grounds (because they are not shared to argue from!).

When Mr. Layton attacks other party values, he is 'throwing stones at a glass house' until he presents his party Constitution.

My opinion on this matter is open and not firm.

(A note to people considering commenting: thank you for all the comments, even the ones that disagree with me.  This blog is not 'inspire you to agree', but inspire you to think.  So, if I make a point, try to find the problem with the logic and argue against it directly.  Not liking something and making a wild jump to an incredible conclusion based on nothing I said is permissible, but not advisable.  I would love for awesome debate, but please continue to develop and make it relevant to the flaws/problems with my said 'logic'.  I do not claim to be correct on all matters as I am open and willing to learn.  Thank you)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Morals and Progress

The left has scolded and we have rolled over like lame ducks

Why do we 'separate' moral values from politics these days?
I get pluralism and tolerance, but why not 'include' morals and values in our tolerant pluralist discourse?

Anti-intellectualism is one reason that comes to my mind.

Overall, we conservatives are really passive and wimpy when it comes to publicly standing on our morals.

We almost apologize for our morals and hide them. In politics, the conservative politicians literally form their answers to avoid mentioning the word morals and replace it with 'values' and 'laws'.  Values can 'conflict' without passing judgment.  For example, "well, you like to work, make money and keep it.  Good for you.  I respect your values but think you should give it all away to the government.  That's my value."  You can oppose views without any moral "ought" that otherwise would transcend an individual opinion. (I shutter to think if we ever had a debate that the individual is not God and their opinion is not the center of reality) 
Morals on the other hand 'imposes' a moral imperative on others; meaning "A" is right and "B" is wrong. Therefore do "A".  This does not sit well with the 'left' in Canada.
The left have kicked our butts and silenced us from sharing our morals without massive reprisal. We conservatives should admit they 'got us' on this matter (for now).    We are silent pansies tip toeing around each issue: least we are called a whole bunch of names.
Before we spout 'morals' and change the world, I think there needs to be a debate outlining that there is nothing logically wrong with introducing morals into political debates...especially if our goal is to strengthen families.

Secondly, we need to silence the left particularly in the area of their claim we are something bad or wrong if we determine something is a moral issue.  On what 'moral authority' does the left think they stand sovereign over us and instruct us on what our thinking is?  I blog and say something is 'immoral'...what's the big deal?  The very act of the left 'condemning' my "intolerance" is a moral imperative they are imposing on me.  They say, "thou shall not impose your morals on me"...which ironically is a moral judgment in and of itself.

That is hypocrisy.  I say enough.

Step 1. Dismantle the lefts bogus straw man argument: 'avoid morals and use words like values and laws'
Step 2. Be free and debate your morals without fear
Step 3. Live them out by loving others
Love is not based on agreement, so love your neighbour, both on your right and left.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mr. Layton Had An Epiphany! (And He's Right!)

Consider: Budget due June 6 will phase out political subsidies

Mr. Layton says in response to ending subsidies:
"Take away public financing and essentially what you are saying is those with the best ability to raise money get to have their ideas heard by Canadians and the rest are essentially silenced," Layton said Wednesday in Ottawa.

Essentially Mr. Layton, Yes! Your startling revelation and analysis is bang on!

What is ever so obvious to millions of Canadians has finally been made plain to you.  This represents the first time EVER I have seen you Mr. Layton clearly articulate a 'free market principle' without using any word ending in    "-ist" or "-ism": thank you. 
If you take away 'public financing' that means you have to work and earn your success!  And the problem with this concept is...???
2.  (fill in issues here)

You want something in politics, go get it!  After all, you have an able minded and competent caucus, correct? 

It sounds like you are insulting the intelligence of your caucus Mr. Layton by stating they do not have the "ability" to raise enough money.  And yes, you did say, 'those with the best ability get...'.  So, train and grow in skills.  I know it's not "fair" don't go there with me Mr. Layton.  Simply accept your caucus has the potential to learn and grow and teach them to get results.  I barely survived a deep recession by working with our employees to try and become the best and get results. Through hard work, learning and taking responsibility we survived.  Now that you got the principle that  'being the best produces results' I urge you to show some leadership and train your caucus to be the best and consequently get results.

That's leadership your team can count on Mr. Layton.


Is fairness the correct measuring stick?
 PLEASE help!  I am only trying to learn and need the wisdom of others!

I get how Mr. Layton highlights 'fairness' (Just google: Jack Layton fairness).  It's all about fairness in his political world. I'm sure at one point his once young children saw some spoiled kid at the park licking a double scoop ice cream cone.  When his child complained, "it's not fair she gets two scoops and I don't have any!"...I really want to know, did Mr. Layton say, "Mike, you’re on to something young lad...that is not fair and I will do something about it!"  Like, really?  Did Mr. Layton go take a scoop so each kid had one?  Did he call that 'justice' for all kids at the playground?

Why is it that when we transfer socialist principles from the political arena to the home life, they look absurd and irrational? Yet somehow, someway, real life grownups bypass this obvious fatal logic and vouch to be fought for based on fairness? I am a fairly sharp kid, and I have yet to been given one solid logical answer as to how socialist principles work in the most simple way at home.  How do you teach your kid, "it's all about fairness" without screwing them up?  I mean this sincerely. 

Am I in error if I teach my children to choose to be compassionate by their free will?  To see a need and meet it because you love someone seems more powerful and noble then establishing the rule of redistribution predicated on a 'fairness' doctrine. Code Red, please help. 

Is my 3 year old more wise than Mr. Layton?

So, my 3 year old (who loves baking) read "the little Red Hen" with me last night.

She asks, "Daddy, if the other's wanted to eat bread, why did they not make it themselves?".

How can she get this concept, but not the NDP party?  What am I missing?

At what age do I show her this 'modern' version?

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

10 years in business! Ya!

Today marks the 1st day of my 11th year in business!  Wow.

At a tender age of 21, I was crazy enough to leap into 'leadership' and start a manufacturing company. The greatest achievements I believe I can show for these 10 years is the following:

Foundation to better serve customers, shareholders and employees.
The knowledge learned through tough lessons was painful indeed.  Losing thousands because I was prideful, or stupid was NOT uncommon.  I am incredibly grateful that I was able to learn these lessons without bankruptcy.  We worked hard enough to fight through all of our learning curves allowing our company to grow in wisdom. At one time, a dear Friend (an English chap) said to us after we messed up his critical parts, "me don't want a price break, me want me bit's on time and correct! Much good a price break do me when me bits are wrong!"  Ouch.
Our foundation is based on valuing people and pursuing excellence together: recovering from mistakes with aggression and humility. We value resolving conflict through honoring authority and taking responsibility.  These values are crucial for serving customers and those within the company.  An even greater reward has been the feedback from employees telling me, "all these principles work in my marriage and in other relationships".  The transferability of what we have fought so hard for is truly a remarkable achievement.  Stronger families, improved thinkers and increased responsibility is my 'agenda' with those I serve.

Knowing growth comes through overcoming adversity.
So many times I would feel I have "given everything " and all that surrounds me is pressure and more challenges.  By leaning into other people, I slowly developed the advantageous notion that these were opportunities to expand my skills.  More importantly, I learned strategies that helped me better relate to employees that assisted them in overcoming their obstacles.  This is why I believe socialism is so terrible, because I have seen both owners and employees use the 'harshness of the free market' to increase their skills, better their thinking and strengthen their families.  The beauty of relating to others through working to solve conflict undergirds and supports our foundation of growth: to better serve!  This is how the 'free market' benefits both the owner and the worker.  If you are going through struggles in your place of work or in relationships, be strengthened today.  Know that this is an opportunity in disguise for you to learn and grow.  Grab friends and loved ones and press through!

Profit is a good thing, not a swear word
Profit represents an opportunity to expand based on past results.  Yes, the 'naysayers' will cite exploitation of the poor with evil corporations using profits for selfish purposes. But I say the free market gives choice.  Those naysayers have the same 'freedom' to start a business and give all the money away.  They are really knocking freedom of choice within a free market.  You can choose to be selfish, or you can choose to be generous and give. Today, determine to give.  Give your time and knowledge to those around you.  The giving of your knowledge and talents often creates an atmosphere of inclusiveness and teamwork that will gel your culture and catapult your company to increased long term profits.  I admit, it has been very hard to 'lay down' short term profit to focus on 'sustainable long term profit'.  Looking back, I am thrilled that was our direction.  We are better positioned now more than ever to serve with excellence and thus expect to see profit as a natural outcome of our results.

I am humbled and grateful that we have survived through two recessions in the Ontario manufacturing industry.  I am almost in shock we grew from 4 employees to just under 40 today. I have learned through tears and agony that my success is not defined in the accumulation of 'stuff', awards or titles.  Rather success is found in the process of relating to people, working hard to solve conflict and serving with excellence.  Who I am as a man of integrity and character is far more valuable then any $$$ or 'stature'. I know my 2 daughters will one day thank me for this perspective.  I will continue to try and advance our company.  I am inspired to learn about principles that work in my company, home and with friends.  I hope this note has encouraged you.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Lady Gaga And Pop Culture: Just A Song?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child could be one of several, insiders say
Read more: Here

Well, thank goodness for Lady Gaga and pop culture: completely vindicating Arnold from any moral failure.
In her own words (Born this way):

There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are
She said, 'cause He made you perfect, babe
So hold your head up, girl and you you'll go far
Listen to me when I say

I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

A different lover is not a sin
Believe capital H-I-M

Culture, Celeb's and powerful political figures should not create our 'norm' for what is logical or acceptable. I accept thier freedom to do thier thing and equally I stand in freedom to develop my views based on my conscious.  As for me and my house, we respectfully disagree Miss Gaga.

My take on any crisis in a marriage is very sobering indeed.  I am continually humbled to look at myself and see where I am coming up short, versus judging another man's hard time. My axe to grind is not with Arnold, but a 'pop culture' which is used to influence a mass of people.  I hope to continually grow as a father.  I want to love my wife and care for my children so that the right things will influence them.
I admit it is difficult to be an outstanding husband and father.  I believe with humility, unconditional love and a commitment to change I'm on the right track baby!

Testing by Trial

This post is solely dedicated to those who desire to advance and pursue greater opportunity.

Be encouraged!  We were built to grow, learn and develop.  Although we are creatures of habit, change and progress are built within us.

Be encouraged that conflict and trials are designed not only to be overcome, but learned from.  Our capacity to 'handle more' increases.  This often brings increased responsibility which more often then not, yields greater pay. 

I implore you to 'connect' with family and friends to table your conflicts and concerns you are struggling through.  They are allies in your battles: use them.  It is quite possible the character we develop in connecting with others to overcome trials is worth far more then the 'deal' or 'result' we were so desperately seeking. 

The 'deal' and 'result' remain ever so important, but let us first understand that our character matters more. 

In my years of business I have seen several people (including myself) become discouraged at the 'lack of results' and the 'deal gone bad'.  This despair is a tragedy!  Be encouraged that we can learn and grow by connecting with others!  Know that the skills we develop by overcoming will be lasting skills that yields a 'foundation' on which more and more deals come our way.  Focus on the process and results will follow.

Today, I encourage you to write out your greatest challenges and conflicts.  Determine to speak to at least 1 person about them.  Set your eyes on the process of relating and how you plan to resolve these challenges.  Commit to focusing on the right process and by this, overcome. 

Conservative Tie-In:
We can't effectively lecture others on 'learning, developing and growing' to be more self sufficient, if we are not modeling this ourselves: we need to align our political ideals with our most core life principals.
By overcoming through connecting with family and friends, you have a foundation and platform to share with others about the power of developing by getting help from those in our lives.  By us having this testimony , we have moral authority to share this with people who perhaps are struggling.  Others see this principle active in our lives and are much more likely to 'get it'.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

1 Point

Just my opinion;  if this was only a video about saving lives by eliminating gay suicides, I would support the video and not post.  However, there were a lot of dynamics in this video: it was not just 1 simple message. 

Showing "Daddy and Daddy" kissing child and another clip of "Daddy and Daddy" holding family along with a slue of 'your fine the way you are comments' warranted me to post.

I indicated in previous blogs that Socialists do not have the corner on compassion.  I have argued strongly that you can believe in the free market and act compassionately to others.  Similarly, the people who think homosexuality is not sin or immoral also do not have the corner on loving people and showing compassion.

My belief in a certain set of morals which does not approve of such conduct does not in anyway shape or form disqualify me from loving and showing compassion to homosexuals.  Love is not based on agreement.  I can love homosexuals and believe their sexual conduct is immoral.  It's no different then my wife loving me even if I am disrespectful to her.  She can disagree with my conduct, but still love me.
And, her disagreement does not constitute her not loving me any more then me disagreeing with homosexual activity does not constitute any lack of love.

I think Conservatives need to clearly articulate their idea's and positions.  I look forward to continually learning how I can better love others.

A Powerful Conservative Principle

I grew up as a very focused individual.  I had a strong 'performence complex' in which I thought the better I preformed, the more valuable I was.  This tragic view caused hardship and frustration: especially when my performance was poor.   It has taken me years to have learned my value is both fixed and high.  The most important Conservative value I can share is that we Conservatives need to be more focused on the right process, not the right result (obvious over riders exist: again this is a principle). 

In business we often are afraid to fail.  We are often afraid to admit when we make mistakes.  We 'defend ourselves' to the point of missing real opportunities of learning and growth. We esteem the 'result' because after all, that's what makes us money.
The contrarian point of view I have adopted is that although results are key and we need to achieve results, the process of how we function is far more important.  Facing the fear of failure and "going for it" is often better then not trying due to paralysis of action; especially if you line up all possible variables with key people.  We need to focus on relating and be grateful when people work with us to point out and correct our mistakes.  One benefit of this is we often are positioned to capture the 'gold nuggest' of improvement that is available to us when we embrace change.  Friends, these choices often brings permanent changes in our hearts and minds: we create new habits.  From this improved character, we begin to forge new connections in our brain and thus, our business capacity increases!  This increased business capacity allows for increased growth! 

In my business, I have found a 'raw approach' of desiring to connect with others and learning from mistakes far outweighs being defensive and fearful.  At first, people are shocked that 'the boss just exposed his mistakes and agreed with me'.  Then they realize that it is how we best learn; it is a safe environment to learn this way.  Further to this, I expect the same mindset and attitude from my employees whom I connect with.  I find I cannot tell others to think a certain way.  I have to model it and grow with them.

This is the same 'argument' that we make for limited government in politics: help people help themselves.  We just brought it to our business world: how do we open ourselves to others helping us so that we can help ourselves thorough changed perspectives!?

I encourage you today to think/ask others:
   -What area's in business am I either fearful or overly defensive (results may astound you)?
   - How can I allow other people to work with me to expose areas of fear and defensiveness? (Without being put down)
   - What long term results can I expect to see from this beautiful process?
   - Who can I serve by gently sharing this principle?

This Conservative principle is not only powerful when we 'live it out', but it also becomes a lifestyle argument to demonstrate this principle works against Socialism.  When we receive help, develop and grow, we make a powerful statement about change and advancement.  When we see others and come along side them, we make an equally powerful argument against the nanny state because we the people are both more loving and more efficient.

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