Monday, 21 September 2015

My Plea For Canadians

Keynesian economics is based on the idea that the economy is not too complex for the government to analyze, figure out and ultimately fix. The sum total of the analysis is the collaboration between the central bank, large corporations and government to essentially tax massively, borrow blindly and spend incredibly all the while devaluing the dollar through inflation (lower purchasing power) in the name of telling we the people what is right; with our kids credit and our money.  The collusion of government, large corps and the central bank propels the Keynesian model of economics into the foray -that will invariably collide with an otherwise free market-  explaining how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer: a comedic unintended consequence of well intentioned political policy.  A "natural selection" process with the government as our economic and moral puppeteer creates a bubble based economy because the government is not smart enough to figure her out so their malinvestment's will eventually burst (via lack of confidence in carrying debt) and then crash; revealing the effects of their futile attempts to disrupt market forces. This inevitable 'reset' will destroy wealth on a massive scale and possibly threaten us on a level as rudimentary as our currency. This game will be propped up and avoided at all costs through a massive line of credit known as bonds as well as the sweat of you and me that converts to taxes.  If Canadians could implore charities to do their job and care for the poor with competence, get over our loathing of hard workers who win big and get over our fear of "personal responsibility" we could perhaps embrace an economic model of freedom within the context of rule of law. Then (and I would argue, only then) our country, middle class, national debt, poverty levels and personal freedoms would all be far better off.  I beg you: stop arguing for and begging governments to rob us blind, pillage our freedoms whilst championing the call of the downtrodden.  Personal freedom is the key to prosperity for all because it respects your choices, investments and right to give generously. 

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