Friday, 2 December 2011

Cute Video, Beautiful Message

Not sure what's wrong his message.  Are we going to wait until Europe and US Debt bring us down to abject poverty before we say, "Ron Paul was right all along?" It's not too late for conservatives to wake up from their dream world and vote in a real man for real change.  Harsh cuts with Ron Paul, or a devalued (destroyed) Euro and US dollar with status quo....tic tic tic goes the clock: time to make a choice.

Just in case you did not know how crass the media is:

Viral Video Needs More

Just a few questions:

#1. Why does this man seem to 'discriminate' against more than 2 people being in a marriage?  (Referring to people as second class if they 'cannot marry the person they love'.) Thought he was against discrimination..why not person/lots of people?

#2  If "love and commitment" are the sole criteria (only items he mentions) that makes a family (gay and straight), then why not 8 year olds getting hitched up?  Again, if just love an commitment, 'man's best friend' is both loving and loyal.  So obviously we need to add more to the 'love and commitment' argument.

I am looking for a deeper argument then a 3 minute blurb by a young man reading a note, speaking to politicians. (Sounds like he is incredibly intelligent and could offer something deeper, no offence to his speech)

A friend on FB posted that if a KKK group came into a restaurant, is it okay for the black owner to refuse to serve them?  I would say, "yes".  And I would be okay if the owner demanded they leave his property.  Tossing 'discrimination' into the debates has become so anti-intellectual and political these days.  I doubt any groups would ridicule the black owner for his actions, like they do other groups that stand up for what they believe.  My point is, when we discuss discrimination, it seems to be from the perspective of a particular group, not some transcendent law or rule...otherwise, this man would not have discriminated against 12 people wanting to love each other in a marriage (or clarified his argument).  I did not see him arguing for an 8 year old being second class citizen and discriminated against because he/she is not allowed to marry...even if they both love each other and claim they are committed.

What is the criteria for marriage?  We can't simply limit the discussion to 'love' and 'commitment', or else we open the door to a slew of incredible situations, only a few of which I mentioned here.

I am not arguing he is wrong. I am stating his argument is insufficient (unless one welcomes an 8 year old' et al. into the marriage camp). 

Love and commitment are indeed pillars of family, but certainly not the sole criteria.  We need more.  Any suggestions?

P.S I applaud this young man for his courage to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Went Viral For Good Reason: Europe Failing

We continue to watch Europe's mess unfold and alas, a beacon of light in dark times points out the painfully obvious.

Time continues to be the ally of the idiot as the Eurozone continues to crumble, one decision at a time.

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