Thursday, 23 February 2012

Put Your Hand Up If You Want Apple's Problem!

Apple 'has more money than it needs', says chief Tim Cook

He told its annual general meeting in Cupertino, California, that Apple was in "active discussions" about what to do with the cash pile. "The board and management team are thinking about this very deeply," Mr Cook said.

customers wait outside the Apple store in Munich before the start of sales of the iPad2

Often times poverty activists overlook the success of others when dealing with poverty. Apple is teaching all of us a powerful lesson: give people what they want and money will find you.

This is a lesson for the rich and poor. Serve people. Excel. Exchange your time and talents for money and you will be rewarded. The key here is to teach rich and poor people that we were made to serve and create. If we lack...then serve. If we are in want...create. If we are stuck and at a dead end, then seek help and learn to create and serve.

Often times we overplay 'relief' through programs and handouts calling it compassion. To me, compassion is investing in people’s lives to teach them (while learning ourselves) how to serve and create. Then, as Apple and many other people/companies demonstrate, money will find us.

Often times we are taught to complain and gripe at those who succeed. We often strategize how we can extract wealth from companies with money. Instead, we should learn to develop attitudes and patterns of serving and creating so we can enjoy the very things we want. We are not limited by 'them winning', we are limited by us believing we too can win then walking it out.  As a leader, I am determined to help others serve and create such that they will enjoy the fruit of their work.  Will you join me?

Unreal. Canada, Where Is This Guy Off?

Sorry for spelling on title :),,, corrected.

Ontario, Are We Listening?????

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie comments on the deplorable tax and spend governments past.

Let's not wait for job losses, a debt downgrade and a collapse in our standard of living to occur before we figure some basic concepts out. 

Dalton, ball's in your court...make a move.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Logic And Problem With Vic Toews

It took some time to jump on the VIC Rail Train due to my inability to process how a conservative MP could be so irrational in their process of thought.  I tried to break down my beef...

Gorgeous Lady Calls It Quits

Kylie Bisutti, Former Victoria Secret Angel
Angel quits job to model Proverbs 31

“I quit lingerie modeling altogether because I wanted to honor God with my life and my husband with my body,” Kylie Bisutti wrote in an email to the Lariat. “I strive to live in the example of Christ, and I want girls to feel loved [for] their inner qualities.”
In her blog post, the model wrote about how her Victoria’s Secret dreams came true. She wrote of her religious “awakening,” when she learned “how to be truly beautiful,” which she said is separate from external beauty, and how to live for God instead of for herself.
“I feel that if I want to pursue [being] a Proverbs 31 wife, I must be pure in the way that I present my body; I must be a lover of people, kind hearted, humble and meek… When I was modeling lingerie, I was not humble, I was not pure, and many men fell into temptation looking at pictures of me half naked,” she wrote.

Congratulations to Kylie for her stand up position!  This reminds me that my moral convictions should be used to love and serve people.  Moral convictions are not 'baseball bats'.  I desire to write these blogs with that in mind.

Kylie has encouraged me to continue my journey which includes only having eyes only for my beautiful wife! Abby, I love you!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Send Em' To Jail!

Finally, a hint of common sense!

Father/Preggo Daughter In Love: "H8'ers H8", Homosexual Supporters Amiss

Irish woman carrying her father’s child claims they’re in love
Last year Penny Lawrence (28) tracked down her long-lost father Garry Ryan (46). Lawrence is now pregnant with his child and claims to be in love with her father.
Lawrence and Penny plan to have their child and build a home together

I would like to discuss a sample of the comments from the news item***:

johnnymac12 | Feb 20, 2012, 12:22 PM EST

What a filthy b*****d this 'father' is. Should be put before the courts and jailed for life.

It's a sad state of affairs. Very sad. Very wrong. Intensely wrong. Horrifically wrong.


I am confused and require help processing the seemingly obvious hypocrisy here (could be none, hence *seeming*).

1. People (en masse) are making declarative statements concerning right and wrong (i.e., this {incest behaviour} is wrong).

2. People were/are told point blank with homosexual couples that no declarative statements of right and wrong are allowed. i.e.: you have no right to judge others. They are consenting adults who love each other, why would you deny them any rights? Why would you H8 and judge others? Who are you to declare moral superiority, moral righteousness over them by imposing your theistic "moral absolutes"?

3. Where are the homosexual supporters now? Where are all the 'heroes' of equality, justice and love? Suddenly, can't find too many on this thread...or any other thread.

What is the distinguishing factor between a homosexual couple and the couple noted above? They both love each other and they are both age of majority. Why is incest "sad", "sick" and "wrong" and the homosexual relations are simply "on the right path"? Can anyone explain why making a morally declarative statement is okay with the incest couple above, but not homosexual couples? (this is wrong, is sad etc. is cool and allowed with incest, but not a homosexual couple)

Where are all the 'judge not-ers' now? What happened to the moralists crusade to prevent H8ers from H8'n?

If one argues both (incest, homosexuality) are amoral (or morally good, right and pure), then what makes them either amoral, or morally right pure and good?

If one argues homosexual activity is either amoral, or moral, but the incest couple is immoral, then what is the distinguishing factor, and what makes that distinguishing factor 'true'?

I call on Laddy GaGa to apply the same vernacular/logic to the incest couple as she does with the homosexual community (or make a distinction):

No matter gay, straight, or bi,
Lesbian, transgendered life
I’m on the right track baby
I was born to survive

Can we be 'inclusive' and 'loving' and add incest please? If not, please explain why.

Unless educated otherwise, it seems we either accept the reality that morals exist and strive to be consistent within them, or admit we are agenda based and there is no real consistency of logic in our ad hoc approach to life and rules.

*** I am not saying either acts are wrong, sad or sick in this entry...I am simply asking questions...

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