Saturday, 15 October 2011

While Remembering, The Conservatives Forget

Feds to spend $28M commemorating War of 1812
Seems like the Conservative are missing a beat here. Did we bloggers not precisely chronicle the list of radical spending and the effects of our paralyzing debt? Perhaps not clearly enough to our Conservative government.

 If you think 28 million for War of 1812 is good value, then put your mouth to where your money is and let the private sector do.  After all, if its good value as you say, then certainly the free market will see this opportunity and meet the demand, right my free market friends? Under what political authority (within your Conservative framework) do you force all to pay for a service we may not use or want? How is this a Conservative principle?

Why do you feel you have jurisdiction to spend on culture? Conservatives wake up and smell our debt load. Remember, it's growing?  Do you kinda remember we sent you to office to lower debt, not watch debt rise, then spend on culture? Conservatives, I get programs exist and you don't slash and burn...but to create new programs that 'spur' patriotism in the direction you see fit? Political expediency at the expense of your core values of limited government seem to be the issue here.

What's wrong with letting people choose where their money goes?  I remember that was the big argument for the child tax credit you put in. Certainly, if we the people find this war important, we will study and learn and go to events of our own accord, right? I'm sick of the government taxing our money and telling us what is going to be important to us, especially from a Conservative government running massive deficits.

Does this position show the visible hand of our Conservatives? Another group of glorified Liberals who believe they need to run our lives and tell us what we need to know and watch? When will we figure out that the invisible hand of the free market is to sort these issues out, not government.   

You are sending the wrong message to Canadians and the world. Liberal mantra is, "I see a need, and I will use tax dollars to meet that need". This was an endless explanation for an endless list of programs. Now that we are in power, you are singing the same tune. We did not vote for glorified Liberals who take our hard earned tax dollars and "invest" them on "important things".  We voted for a  Conservative government: limited government to expand the free market.  28 million is a lot of money we are taking from tax payers to inflate the size of government.  Look to your values and drop the program.   

Friday, 14 October 2011

Another Side

I'm not a posting expert, can someone post this on some sites for me?  Will they give me a voice? Perhaps this one?

The Invisible Hand Will Save The Protesters

In an intellectually numbing citation, the occupy wall street-ers release their first statement.  The verdict is in: Corporations are both negligent, evil, greedy and interested selfit to death.  Reality has come upon us: thank you protesters.  They cheer, "We're young, we're poor, we're not gonna take it any more!" 

They are not against corporations being bad, they are against a free market: this much is true.  Here's the deal, you can make an argument of any social group having both good and bad qualities.  The existence of imperfections does not make a cause unjust (least they themselves are disqualified for public sex, drugs, violence and hateful and racist language).  At the root of their argument is one of demanding governments to control the means of production and distribution: plain and simple.  The covetous marchers have created a fallacy laden list of grievances predicated being 100% entitled to others wealth and the exact regulation of how they acquire more.  Take for example an excerpt: "They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ health care and pay".  The marchers are entitled to regulate how a cooperation functions, regardless if it serves the corp.?

Their victimization of the 99% in conjunction with the 'they' list of grievances creates what Marx defined as the war between the proletariat vs bourgeoisie.  Make no mistake. The illusion of 'corperate' this and that is an axiomatic cry for retribution against the free market. They want a socialist state, not a 'fair, free market'.  They do not want the corperation to outsource jobs even though it lowers cost and preserves other jobs. The argument is against a free market.

So they seek to play the victim. They seek to call out the corp's as the evil oppressors.  In a dramatic and ironic manner, the answer lies simply in the power of the invisible hand that Adam Smith spoke of.
You see, the invisible hand of the market will 'self regulate' (unless our nit-wit governments intervene with bailouts).  These people can choose to play the helpless victim, or they can choose to call out companies and stop buying their products and services.  If their voices are so true and right, then lest the masses rise up and and protest via using the free market to both bankrupt greedy, selfish companies and advance their own cause.  For example, they should set up a corporation that does not outsource to other countries, or look for the best rates from employees.  Oh, but wait, that company would just not work in today's free market.  I think we found the culprit: the free market.  Their views are not compatible with a free market.  I call out the protesters as attention getting victims.  Work together to eliminate your inability to use the free market to meet your needs and rather, build your skills and knowledge.  The free market is your friend!  Invisible hands of the wall street protest, rise up and unite! Learn and grow! Buy from good companies and drain profitability on bad companies by not buying!  There is power of choice within the free market: use the invisible hand!

Ron Paul: The Same Yesterday And Today

Ron Paul called it 4 years ago!   He call's for transition from a social welfare state...based on common sense.  Let the record show, before the US debt crisis was popular, he talked about it candidly.

His message last run is as relevant as ever, check this out:

In this Oct 6th video, he cites his previous statements (see first video).
His comments in this last video echo my comments about increasing taxes/handouts hurting the poor: the opposite impact intended.

Thought-less? How About Thought-not-at-all?

So is this what the entitlement ideology is rooted in? Thoughtless banter and group think?  Even group think seems too complimentary because they are credited with the word think.  When a civilization begins to demand something for nothing, so to begins an erosion of our most cherished and fundamental foundation for our way of life: freedom.

Check out this group demanding money from Bill Gate's foundation.

Welcome covet warfare!  Welcome Entitlement warfare. Welcome gimme gimme gimme for nothing nothing nothing.
I vote this girl to be the spokes women for occupy Wall Street! She embraces everything they stand for!
Thoughtless, selfish, coveting and thankless...the traits of the entitlement generation.
SHARE thinks Charity and Justice Begin at Home. We're part of this community, they're part of this community. It's time for Bill and Melinda to talk to the homeless home folk—us!

NY, A Case Of Beer And A Silver Coin

It was a fantastic trip to Manhattan! I went for a purpose opposite of the Wall street protesters: to learn.  Sharp minds shared at an economic form where I was given brilliant analysis on the economy.  Spending time walking the streets of New York was fun as well! I noticed many bright lights and loads of people shopping.  It served as a powerful pictorial insight on economic activity!  We even asked Cops where to get NY's best cheesecake (it was my friend, I swear...).

 On the day of leaving, we toured NY looking for souvenirs for my 2 girls. Despite dozens of shops with thousands of items, I found nothing that was remotely priced relative to it's value. I saw, "give me your money and I will give you a token of value in return...but it will say I Love NY, so we'll call it even".  Can't say I've ever been a sucker for consumerism.  Then, it hit me...why would I waste lots of money on a little widget token, when I can have a real token!  We hunted for 6th and 47th street, (Jewellery stores) and eventually found some silver coins!  One lady wanted spot price + $20/coin.  Being in the jewellery business for 5 years, I knew to take a pass.  We found another store and bought American Eagles for spot + $4.  A much better deal. We got our coins!  Then I began to think of what I was doing...I wanted my kids to get something of value, so I bypassed several $35 useless tokens, to get a $35 real token.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I asked myself, "Why am I willing to make sure the kids do not get a useless widget, but one of value, but I buy useless widgets?"  Which prompted, "What area's in my life am I embracing useless tokens and by default giving up a real token of value?"  The most obvious example that came to my mind was a case of beer.  I never put the purchase of beer into a context so powerful: I am choosing to consume 1 case of beer in exchange for 1 ounce of silver.  Depleting value, versus real value.  A false sense of security for a temporary time versus contributing to real security over a long period of time.  By getting the kids a silver coin, I taught them about 'value' and 'saving's'. Alexis was so excited to tell her cousins about the silver she is saving (and the princess on the front)!  Equally important was the lesson I learned about savings and value.  It was both embarrassing and humbling to realize I made value decisions that did not at all serve my family.  I have decided to hold the coin in my pocket (yep, I bought some extras) to remind me of real value before I make each discretionary expense.  Regardless if it is excessive food outings, or a case of beer, I will have a tangible picture in my hands and head: what do I want more, these silver coins (real value, wealth) or what I am about to buy?  Wow! I boldly encourage you today, what discretionary spending do you think is good value, and what items should we take a pass on and re-invest in something else?

Monday, 10 October 2011

Punk Genius At Work

Occupy Wall Street protester greets questioner with anti-Semitic remarks, tells National Review Online he is a "provocateur."

"My heart tells me what to say"

Marching To Their Demise

Check out the Canadian flag at the end of this clip.  Are we next?
Let's start a movement of our own: work hard and get paid for what we produce. We will call it 'reality 101'.  I predict a rise in bitterness with these protesters as a result of this rally.  We were not built to covet and thrive. Our bodies naturally harbour bitterness and resentment when we covet others successes and property.  It will only be a matter of time before the root issue of coveting spreads like a nasty disease.  Thankfulness and hard work have been the cure for coveting for the last 7000+ recorded years of history; don't see these marches helping these individuals. 

Ron Paul Is Right

Why Ron Paul did well among social conservatives at the Values Voter Summit
Ron Paul Says, “We are taught in the New Testament about caring for the poor and caring for our families and our neighbors and friends. But never did Christ say, you know, let’s go and lobby Rome to make sure we’re taken care of. It was a personal responsibility for us,” he said. “Christ was confronted at one time by a prostitute, but he didn’t call for the centurions. He didn’t call for more laws. But he was very direct and thought that stoning was not the solution to the problem of prostitution.”
It was a smoothly-constructed combination of Christianity and libertarianism (an interesting contrast to the social gospel and liberation theology), and for many in this audience it worked
It's great to see a well articulated and logical position asserted with respect to loving others and personal responsibility.  If Canada could ever get a handle on our responsibilities, we would have a much smaller government, lower debt and a wealthier middle class.  The myth that demonstrating compassion is somehow a lefty idea is not only dead wrong, it's also embarrassingly backwards.  There is nothing loving about undermining one's value by offering programs to meet a need, when that person was built to meet their own need.  Taking responsibility is difficult sometimes, but very good for us in the long Ron.  Let friends, families, local Faith groups and private charity rise up and take their place as agents of true compassion thus truncating the need for government to usher in societal Utopia via debt, taxes and programs.  I believe Canada is getting away with big debt and big programs, on all levels of government, because of our vast natural wealth.  We are coasting from coast to coast on the coat tails of our resources and past successes.  Soon, the party will be over and we will find ourselves in a sticky European situation where debt crushes our way of life.  The US is poised to become increasingly like Europe: weakened and debt ridden.  Ron Paul and others are doing us a service by sharing how real values can be tied to real responsibility which results in real political policy change.  Canada, take our cues the easy will be the least painful and most rewarding!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Entitlement Destroys Thankfulness

When we lose respect for personal property and other basic freedom's  as a means to create wealth, we run into significant problems. Enter wall street protests.  I am owed from your stash of cash!  This attitude is coveting and erodes our social fabric and puts our most basic rights on the tipping block. Sure, big wall street gangsters exist and there is unclear legislation and oversight to ensure an appropriate playing field, but by no means does that warrant the upending of Capitalism. 

Same principle in Greece: the people feel entitled to a way of life and therefore are not thankful for what they have.  So they freak out and demand entitlements from other peoples hard work. Coveting.

Canada, are we going to take our cues from the rest of the world and learn? Or are we going to continue to dole out entitlements paid for by hard working people, and corporations?  Let us not undermine the free market that has brought us so much success and prosperity.  The freedoms we enjoy are being threatened abroad and even creeping into our country.  We just lost an Ontario election because, in part, the Liberals said they would intervene the most to ensure people 'keep their jobs'.  This sad notion of looking to the government for prosperity and jobs is scary. It undermines our abilities and what we were designed to do: take responsibility and operate passionately and generously within the free market.  I am thankful for what I have and do not feel entitled to other peoples successes.  Rise up fellow Canadians and stat bragging about what you are thankful for. Often, many political philosophies presuppose various entitlements as a result of being a human. The problem is, these entitlements are forced to be paid from others. This undermines their right to basic freedoms we ought to ascribe as valuable.  Thankfulness for what we have let's Bill Gates make billions without getting bitter that he is some menace with money.  Take joy in our most basic freedoms of personal property and keeping the fruit of our work.  This is a massive step towards ending chaotic protests and government welfare handouts.  Let the thankfulness campaign begin!

Eliminate The Thankfulness Deficit

When I am lost in my own little world, I find ungratefulness and selfishness to be attitudes that really move me away from a thankful heart towards a 'Ryan is a victim' mindset.  Obviously, this does not help matters.  I look to justify my negative attitude by citing the wrongs against me.  I have found this process to do nothing but hurt me, and those around me.  It drags them down too.  I am slowly learning (and well under way) that when adversity comes, a powerful way to handle and eventually bring change is by being thankful.  In business, it's hard to be and remain a victim of circumstance when I develop a thankful mindset.  I am continually looking for things to be thankful for, finding thankfulness to be a foundation on which I solve problems in business.  When was the last time you saw a child get spoiled, only to look at their friends treat or toy, and cry for that too?  When we are thankful for what we have, we are able to allow that other child to enjoy their toy.  Hmmm, I wonder if we can extend this analogy to politics and program spending?  I dare think so. I encourage you today to begin speaking words of thankfulness, even if your situation is challenging, for when you do, words of gratitude and life come out of your mouth and become a foundation on which you view your challenges.  I have learned that we create life with our mouth and would truly expect good things to come our way.  Create words of life today and eliminate this thankfulness deficit in Canada, for when we do, we are well on our way to go after the fiscal deficit. 

I am ever so thankful for my beautiful wife and precious girls! I am thankful for limbs that work, a mind that thinks and a family that loves me.  What are you thankful for?

Alexis is 3. I am so thankful she loves life!
Call it "thanks-getting": thankful I get to be a dad!
Sadie just turned 2 and is filled with life.

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