Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Reader Asks How I Resolve Being A Non-Socialist-Christian

A reader writes:

Hey Ryan,

Great Post! I really appreciate your last quote:

"I am so fed up with working my butt off to support a cultural mindset of entitlement with my tax dollars."

I whole heartily agree... The Occupy Movement, the picketing/rioting students in Quebec, and even the sentiment of entitlement that I get from some of the homeless people that frequently attend a soup kitchen that my husband preaches at every now and then... it's all putting a bad taste in my mouth.

(My husband and I were joking around during the Occupy movement last year... that it would make a funny reality TV show, to kidnap all the occupiers while they were sleeping and move them to a country in the Third world... it'd be funny to see some attitudes adjusted about their sense of "rights"... )

At the same time, I do see how some people in society DO need help and ongoing provision from others. Since leaving C4C, I took a job as an administrative assistant for an organization that provides ongoing housing and support for men with mental illness (schizophrenia,depression,o.c.d...etc.)Our organization is the difference between mentally ill men living on the streets, ending up in jail, or living in a caring Christian community that ensures they have a safe place to sleep, regular meals and are taking their proper medication. I've seen first hand the difference it makes because these guys receive ODSP and are looked after. There is no way these guys could hold down any kind of job that could support themselves.

... Ryan, even though it's been a few years, I would still say that I know you somewhat.I know you love God and read your Bible. I know that you know what a soft place God has in his heart for the Poor.

All this to say, I'm just curious how you reconcile the two issues.... Socialism and the epidemic of entitlement and laziness that is being cultivated in our country... (Ugh!) While at the same time, seriously taking on the call of Jesus to serve "even the least of these", as if we were serving Him...

I often feel like my heart goes back and forth as I see the need around me... and at the same time I see the abuse that's happening in the system.


Margie (Rennie) Becker
Hi Margie,

Great question and thanks for sharing. Here is how I resolve the issue. Compassion comes from our free will.  Jesus shows us how to love our neighbour.  When we read the story about the man on the road, notice whom Jesus identifies as the one who loves his neighbour: the one who: 1. Saw a need (saw him and helped him) 2. Had resources to meet the need (paid the bill and said he would pay more if needed upon his return) and 3. Had physical contact with the individual.  Thus, when we meet a need out of these things, true compassion is demonstrated.  The ‘justification’ the left often uses is that they are meeting a need therefore loving others.  The problem is, it’s devoid of a personal connection (it’s a government program who get their money from ‘some taxpayer’).  The compassion is not the free will of the individual, but a forced law.  Everything you mentioned that is amazing, noble and helpful should be done…but my argument is that it’s better to do this privately  (faith group, personally, corporately, charity etc).  This way, it’s compassion directed from resources derived from one’s free will, not forced taxation.  Forcing taxes and pushing programs is not compassion; even if the program seems nice.  When help is offered personally, the person who is helped can tie the help to a relationship (group, person etc) that they can be connected with.  Resources being tied directly to the help is far more life changing and powerful then tossing cash into a pot and letting gov. distribute it via programs; however well intended.  I argue for our personal connection being tied to our resources to demonstrate compassion: far more life changing then government will ever be.  The left argues ‘that’s not a practical idea because there are greedy people who will not give’.  This is true.  I have met far more greedy socialists (limited resources) then greedy business owners…infact, most of the richest people are also the most generous people.  Interesting that they ‘got rich’ by meeting other’s needs…now they use their riches to meet other’s needs.  Either by profit or by freely giving, we were built and created to meet other’s needs.  I cringe when government butchers this and gets in the way.  I hope this helps.

First Nations Is Not Embarrassed, They Simply Want More

Don't you love when the left offers emotional tirades in response to pointing out the obvious connection of socialism, entitlement and the pitfalls thereof?
One of my main points within this blog: if you 'live socialism out', you actually run into exactly what we are seeing in this video: entitlement breeding low accountability and ruined lives (while a select few enjoy)...all off the backs of hard working wealth earners.
This video represents the left's 7billion (per year) showcase of socialism in action. (Gee, they should do a blog "Socialism In Action".)
Why have accountability when you think it's your money? If you are reading this, it ain't your business what I do with my money...just like it isn’t your business what First Nations does with their money...or so the left thinks.
It is irrelevant in the socialists mind what they do because of the socialists axiomatic point: transfer of wealth is also transfer of ownership. They own the money; therefore they not accountable to the source.
If the left says, "Ryan, you are wrong, we do believe in accountability!", then they would be denying the justification on which they levied the taxes in the first place. Consider this: if the money belongs to the hard working Canadians, then it should stay with them, afterall, it belongs to them. Thus, no tax and no transfer of ownership. If the socialists argue, "The money needs to be transferred to First Nations because they are entitled to it." (as is the status quo), then by definition, the First Nations group owns the money and they are not accountable to taxpayers, because the money is theirs. Dear left: you can't have it both ways.
The left can't stand accountability except to hypocritically expose others; what a watered down use of the term. Accountability demands personal responsibility, ownership and consequences to bad choices and rewards/promotion to good choices.  These yucky 'corperate' traits are what the left taxes the s*#% out of Canadians to flee from.
With socialism in action you get: an oligarchy that screws people into a life of utter dependence of scraps from the meal table.  Dang, that sounds like a good definition, nah…too accurate.
Too bad the socialists are experts in emotional outbursts and generally seem unable to logically debate these points. That means this joke of a system will continue to ruin people’s lives unless others will stand up and say something without fear. (Enter Ezra, thanks!)
I am so fed up with working my butt off to support a cultural mindset of entitlement with my tax dollars.  I’m only 32 years old.  How the heck to you older people cope with this garbage?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Europe’s Medicine Is Killing Them!

Nigel Farrage at it again. Thanks for the link Mish.  Europe will either explode with debt and job losses, or implode by the breaking of the Euro. No option looks good for Europe right now.
Most of us knew this all along.

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