Friday, 6 May 2011

Moving Forward

I hope to advance the 'left-right debate' in Canada!++

My conclusion:  The free market is good and we need honest debate about the left/right approach in Canada.

I would like to ask the left to take all their passion and energy they spend looking to create programs and redirect it. What if the left redirected all that passion, energy and enthusiasm towards building their own businesses and becoming a financial success* instead?  I believe they could then give all their money to those in need.  Since so many people voted NDP to `work hard for families`, why not start with building businesses, working hard and giving it away?   I believe left leaning Politicians spend too much time arguing over the spoils of other people’s success and not enough time encouraging their voter base to create their own.  The people of Canada should focus on creating success for themselves, family and friends by the free market…not government programs.  This will create such a powerful degree of surplus, that we would not need government programs. Needs would be met privately. 

If this is a problem for the left, then I believe we need to ask, why do you not like the free market?

Action Items for the left in Canada:

1. Please consider starting your own business (merely an example of a good opportunity) where you have unlimited potential to earn. Once you build your business and earn money, you can invest/give away to causes you are passionate about!
2. If you do not believe the solution is to start your own business, then I would like to understand your problem/challenge with the free market. Please also explain why you feel comfortable voting for a party that is using profits generated by the free market to fund your selection of programs.  It comes off as a contradiction to me when I hear: "I want to use other people's money from the free market to fund programs I care about…but I do not want to use the free market to earn my own money and privately give to the same programs". 

I am calling for honesty in discussion.  If you like the free market, then why not use it?  If you don't like the free market, then please say so.  But I do submit that the left, in politics, come off as quietly disliking the free market all the while openly extracting from those who seem to love it.  It seems like sleight of hand.

I will be a leader and open up honest debate: "Hi, my name is Ryan Jantzi and I am 31 years old.  I own an Aerospace Machine shop.  I have the honor of employing 35 people. I will play my cards and ask you to as well.  I love the free market: it is good (although anyone can tell you that very bad stuff happens within it). My passion has been for 10 years and will continue to be: to help and serve others.  To listen, learn and grow with people.  To see people increase skills brings joy to me.  To see people advance brings joy to me.  I would submit the 'root cause' of poverty can be solved by the free market: especially in Canada.  I am doing the best with what I know to help others and build with others. I have spent thousands of hours working with people in deplorable situations.  My heart is heavy for terrible situations people are in and fighting to come out of.  Unlike the left, I look to free the market for freedom for me and those in my world.  I do not look to bind it in chains with endless laws and taxes.  I do not act like a victim and scold the bully free market for punishing me however tempting at times.  This does not mean I care less than anyone just means I care differently than my friends who think towards the left.  I hope to hear from all perspectives; especially if there are any business owners who understand what I am saying."

++ I am generalizing with 'left' and 'right' to advance a discussion and make no claim that 'all of the left/right fit into a certain box.
*I said "financial success".  Please note I believe true success is building loving relationships.  I believe we are a financial success (in part) when we have money to not only meet our needs, but those around us!

The Power of Focus

When we focus, we bring something to a central point. 

I am overwhelmed in business often.  A phrase I use to settle down is, "make clear and distinct".  This means that there are typically several issues mixed together bringing confusion and frustration: and my job is to separate issues so i can deal with them individually.  I move from an overwhelmed state to being ready to solve each problem. 

Here are 3 practical components of focus that you can implement today which will give you an incredible edge on the troubles within your world.

1. Breathing:  typically when people are under pressure, our body's breathing patterns change and we become anxious.  Between rounds at fights, the number one thing a coach always tells his fighter to do is settle their breathing down.  In our world, this advice cannot be underestimated.  If we can concentrate on our breathing, our body will be settled and we can then position ourselves to 'hone in' on the various issues impacting us.  Find a friend who will give you gentle feedback on your breathing during tense moments.

2. Eye Contact:  Meeting thousands of people I can assure you with confidence lots of us typically struggle with eye contact.  When we are unsure of ourselves, under pressure, made a mistake, angry or a host of other variables, I find our eyes look away/down from other people.  I encourage you today to 'lock your eyes' on their target.  By doing this you are declaring to the world a belief in yourself.  This is hard for lots of us. Mom's, this is one of the most powerful resources at your disposal to control the environment with your children.  Good eye contact speaks value over those you are focusing on.  I find developing good eye contact habits is best achieved by continually challenging yourself and receiving encouragement from other people. 

3. Body Posture:  our bodies do a fantastic job communicating to others: for better or worse.  By posturing our body in an erect manner directed to where our target audience is, we are making a statement that we are positioned for overcoming.

If you are 'struggling' to own your world and problems seem intense, I encourage you today to realize our posture is a MAJOR part of the solution.  Our posture of 'focus' allows us to settle our breathing down, direct our eyes and set our bodies in a manner conducive to success: despite the problem at hand!  This is best applied with other people encouraging us.  Let's make a statement today that we are prepared for success despite the challenges around us!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wisdom For Living Out How we Vote:

Enter your wisdom in the response section below!

Denying individuals the beauty of building relationships devalues their worth and potential;
     Loving relationships being built is the starting point to helping those in need. 

We all have hurts, wounds and fears: dreams destroyed and loved ones we are in conflict with.  Partner with others as you face these obstacles knowing you can more then overcome.

A heart of compassion should drive you to act from your free will, not force others to act on your wills behalf. 

100 yard dash does not achieve "fairness" when we let the slow runners get a 30 yard head start.  It's when we sound the gun off at the same time for all.  If you have a passion for helping the slower runner, work with them and train them: don't re-jig the rules of the universe: it just does not work that way. 

I was hopeless and found hope in those who love me. Programs do not love me: People do.

Vote how you parent your child.  Admit it: we all dislike when our kids say, "it's not fair".  We tell our kids how to overcome this mindset...we do not cater to it. Now that we are grown ups, we should be advancing in this, not regressing.

Receiving a  hug from from our child's freewill and glad heart is better then a mandated scheduled hug that is forced on her by law.  If the left was to extend this logic to their politics...oh happy days.

This is an exercise to encourage you to share what is inside of you: I will select the 'comment of wisdom' and donate $25.00 to charity of that individuals choice!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Foundational Free Market Principle:

Conservative voters, we should do a gut check!  We have handed the 'Compassion Trophy' foolishly and passively over to the left where Iggy and Layton yelled "gimmie" throughout the campaign…with NDP clearly holding the trophy at the end.

Why did the NDP win the Compassion Trophy and become viewed as 'fighting for families'?  Millions of Conservatives argue that the free market is good, but do a poor job arguing who ought to 'fight for families'.
 Most Conservatives do not know how to articulate/respond to basic NDP logic:

NDP Logic:
Some people have dire needs
People should love people and one major way to do this is by meeting needs
(key premise) Fairness/rights of humans means a governing body ensures needs are met (otherwise how Can we govern fairness?)
People and companies have money to give government and in turn gov. meets people's needs
Therefore high taxes pays for needs and thus people are loved (because NDP meets needs)
Hand Compassion Trophy over to NDP!

I started this blog b/c I was embarrassed to be a Conservative.  Why do Conservatives en mass fail to look the camera square in the eye and tell it straight? Politicians and voters alike seem unable/unwilling to dismantle this way of thinking.

Here is a basic response to the NDP:
Conservative 3 part Logic
Part 1
Governments ought not to spend money where they have no jurisdiction. (Governments do not spend money on buying Canadians their favorite Hockey Jersey's because they have no jurisdiction: therefore no authority to spend)
Refusing to spend money where one has no jurisdiction is prudent and wise.
No normative (obligation/duty) argument exists why endless program spending OUGHT to be under jurisdiction of the government.  (Socialists give reasons why they think we should spend billions on socialized programs, but no sufficient reason to demonstrate obligation)
Therefore proposed spending denied.
(this is where conservatives fall apart and look like fools…we are here viewed as cruel and heartless for 'denying a need'.  Shame on us for accepting this.  Or, knowing we will look like evil people, we turtle and spend money just like the left)

Part 2
Some people have dire needs.
People should love people and one major way to do this is by meeting needs.
(key premise) Compassion (free will of seeing and meeting a need) of humans means we personally should oversee such an event (many was to express this within free market).
People and companies have compassion and money… they can give to others and meet great needs.
Therefore limit taxes and free up more money for people/companies to invest in people's needs.

Part 3
Wealth is built by working hard, developing skills, taking responsibility, wise choices and building relationships.
Developing and applying what we learn is often difficult and therefore a highly relational process.
As we personally receive from others to help us build wealth, we ought to help others build wealth (by investing, teaching others to work hard, develop skills , take responsibility, make wise choices and build relationships etc.).
This is a tough process where we as conservatives have to receive and give.  It requires us to be less selfish and blind to the needs of those around us.
Once this is modeled…will see powerful results: explosion of victories, healed hearts, encouraged souls and lives changed.
Then, we can take the 'Compassion Trophy' back because we are investing in others on the same basis by which people invested in us: free choice. 

We are most loved and best served when someone chooses to love us from their free will.  This is a powerful argument that dismantles the Lefts key premise! The argument of 'forced love' is not love.  If you have a 'law' for your children that they will hug you 10 times a day for 30 days…you will get a fraction of the gratification as though the child of their own free will ran to you with a big hug!  With our children this logic is so obvious, yet when we move to politics things get cloudy and fuzzy yet remains real simple. 
This is the powerful argument against socialism: Love from a position of free will: not by socialist's force via fairness, rights and taxes.
If modeled, we will win the trophy back.

We have the right premise, starting point and logic.  We need to MODEL this logic in our daily lives and that is what I plan on devoting my next 4 years to…I want to BRAG to the media with my chin held up high, "we have won back the C
ompassion Trophy.  We have crushed the 'key premise' of the left and triumphed!  The free market freely lets me build wealth, then freely invest in others to build wealth…and through this needs have been meet: better then socialism which destroys wealth because it takes the fruit of labor away to meet an immediate need."  Join me in acting to ensure we have many more years of Conservative government in the house.

Where does my thinking fall apart?

A list:

I have made a list of all Muslim countries that I know of who danced in the streets cheering for the death of Bin Laden.

Please add to this list.

(I don't want the list of Muslim countries that protested those cartoons a few years ago for miss-representing their God...just a list of countries that showed equal passion for this man who misrepresented their God.)

And on a lighter note:

His Last Facebook Update:

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Conservatives Will Rise Or Fall On...

As a follow up to my "Owner Appeals" video, I am proud to say, "we won!".
Conservative Politicians are typically perceived as arrogant and prideful.  Big heads and 'now I control the world, do my bidding'.

I appeal to Conservative Politicians: HUMILITY will be your rise or downfall.  Walk in humility. 

Action Items for the Conservative Majority!:

(When reading, what can we draw from this and incorporate in our life?)
1. Recognize how you are perceived by so many Canadians. 
Stop wondering why only 4 out of 10 people vote for you.  When you come across as prideful and arrogant, you devalue other people who you disagree with; which further complicates the whole 'rich and powerful vs. poor and needy'.  Don't widen the very gap you are trying to close by being full of pride.  We don't need to coddle or compromise, but you can still better present yourself as sincere and caring.
2. Operate in humility. 
a) Listen as much as possible; thank people for sharing and take notes.  Look at them when they speak to you and try to smile.  This communicates interest in the other person and in turn values them.
b) Affirm where possible.  Instead of arguing with 'the other view', gently point out the good in what they are saying, "thanks for sharing that, I really agree with 'caring for others'.  Please note that we choose to express this differently.  Here are 3 private groups with the same passion as you".  You can disagree AND be respectful all at the same time.
c) Be transparent.  Too often conservatives view transparency as a form of weakness.  Admit when you make mistakes or bad judgments.  These are critical aspects of the free market fellas.  You need to model a 'CEO' leadership attitude and say, "we missed the call".  When you do not, you infuriate the left and they feel it reinforces long held negative perceptions of the 'high and mighty squashing the lowly'.
In time I will have much to say about humility, but for now, I hope this gets the discussion going.
3. Have Courage!
When talking to the media, Conservative Politicians walk like they have a tail between their legs half the time.  They have this illusion of 'political correctness' in the media preventing them from saying, "why would we fund something that is not within our jurisdiction to fund?  We encourage the private sector to jump on that need as it appears truly great!". They are afraid to say the words and give a low level blab that stirs the left to fury and the right just rolls their eyes.  Hit the ball back to the private sectors court and stop being afraid of the powerful media calling you ruthless.  Show them a success story where you saw a need...pointed to the private sector...have them meet the need then brag about how the conservatives ARE compassionate because they lowered taxes to permit the private sector to more efficiently and lovingly meet the need! 

Where am I going wrong friends?

Monday, 2 May 2011


MTV had a TV show where they got young people talking about politics.  They also had these uneducated young people in the audience who put tape on their mouth in protest of voting.  They are not going to vote.  Can you believe this?  This was not a joke...I saw the tape first hand!

Here's my comment to all the people on that program who put tape on their mouth and were not planning on voting:

North Korea respects a person's 'no vote'. Either vote here or go to North Korea and tell the the army dude's "I want to be like your people and not vote, will you take me in?". If they don't light you on fire, I'm sure they will accommodate.

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