Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Conservatives Without Guts + Liberal Philosophy = Disaster

New Report Offers Grim or Grimmer Picture of Nation's Long-Term Debt

The report by the Congressional Budget Office says that the debt will eat up the government’s spending ability, and offers two scenarios -- both potential trajectories -- that they say by 2035 will push the debt either to most of the annual gross domestic product or to nearly twice the economic power of the U.S.

  Living outside our means and our fairy tale social experiment have all but failed.  We need to realize that true success comes from living out of basic principles: personal property, value of the free market, limited governemnt and protecting our boarders.  

The problem with our debt both in Canada and the US is our inability to understand the value of a dollar.  We don't work...we stick our hand our and cry for more.  We falsely think it is loving to cater to this when in reality the loving thing to do is build relationships with people and walk life out together.

I assure you my comments are a fraction as harsh as the crashing reality this debt will inevitably bring.  We need to get the message and change our ways.  

(Conservatives are blue...but don't worry...they had lots of excuses as to why it's not really their fault)

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