Friday, 13 July 2012

Socialist Attitudes Hurt The Poor

I have been critiqued (rightly so) for often taking a neutral position on controversial subjects. I ask questions and point out flaws in bad policy or ideas, but would rarely ‘give my own opinion’.  In this entry, I picked a controversial subject: low income employment. And I have picked my position: socialist attitudes damage employment opportunities for low income earners.

-I am claiming confidence in a position and am open to facts/knowledge that suggests I am in error

-socialism: “a theory or system of social organization  that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

-I make no claims to knowing a man’s heart and pronounce judgement over any person, however, I do have eyes and a brain and therefore desire to make observations to help people.

-Over 12 years I have spent countless hours studying challenges facing people; how to solve problems and advance people in the area of their job.  I try to bridge the gap between abstract theory (free market, socialist leanings etc.) and practical application of said theories.  Helping people getting paid more is my passion. 

-The purpose of this entry is to take a controversial subject and think on it…NOT declare truth.

-sorry if spelling issues J

Here we go…

One of the saddest observations that my 12 years of business ownership has imposed on me is seeing a low income earner fail to keep a job.  My heart wrenches when I see a grown man with a family try their hardest but then lose their job due to self-imploding; especially when they have the skills.  My observation as to ‘why’ an individual self-implodes is often rooted in an inability to live out of a truth that our value is fixed and high.  If our value is fixed and high and we know it, then slitting our writs seems absurd.  If we think our value is fixed and high, yet believe is not, then slitting our wrists may seem like ‘the only way out’.   I have watched countless men fail to apply the simple truth that our value is fixed and high in real time.  This has resulted in an inability to function in some very basic ways.  Drugs, sex, alcohol and many other terrible addictions often become an escape to the pain of circumstances that overwhelm an individual.  I have yet to hear a story of a man addicted to hard drugs who did not have deep pain that has attacked their view of their worth and value.  When our value is undermined, we sometimes respond out of hurt and pain.  Our responses to the hurt and pain often become habitual patterns.  These ‘habitual responses’ are often things we think allows us to cope with the pain (I have shared how a few beers have taken the ‘edge’ off of my day) only to later expose nothing is solved. 

Often times our responses to pain and hurt further try to undermine our value. 
We reinforce (with our actions) the very cycle (our value is low) we so desperately hate.   Failing to do one’s job is often not a result of skill.  It is a result of failing to do basic things: come to work with a stable mind and/or work with a stable mind.  (Stable mind: able to do your job well without massive impediments: substance abuse, bitterness, hatred for others, hurt, pain, aggressive attitudes, sexist, racist, elitist attitudes, fear, depression, abusive, cruel etc.) **mental/physical disability are NOT examples of unstable mind**

Failing to work with a stable mind is damaging to a company and the employee.
Company “ABC” pays you to pick apples.  ABC makes money when apples are sold. If you are stoned and do not pick apples but eat the apples because you think eating them will transform you to Duke from G.I Joe…then we have a problem.   Can anyone guess what your job is? Yep, to pick the apples.  An unstable mind hinders our ability to function within our job.

Failing to do our job as a result of an unstable mind undermines authority.
Boss to employee: “Do you agree to pick apples for $12/hour?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Boss: “Do you agree 9-5, Monday to Friday?”.

Employee: “Yes”

Boss: “Do you agree to call if you are ever late or absent?”

Employee: “Yes”

Boss: “Unless extreme circumstances occur, do you agree to these terms as conditions of employment?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Boss to himself (Monday at 10am) “Where the heck is our employee? He promised to be here and he did not call.”

Employee: “Shoot, I knew I had one too many last night…”

The employee placed himself under authority of the boss (subject to fair treatment under the law).  The employee violated that agreement by not showing up/calling.  Dishonoring the agreement with the employer undermined the authority that the employee willingly and freely placed themselves under.

I observe a direct correlation between individuals who have significant struggles with their value and unintentionally seeming unable to honor authority for a sustained period of time.  This places a clear onus on the employee to make a change.

Rarely have I observed an individual bound by work inhibiting dysfunction’s take responsibility for their violation of an agreement.
Blaming, deflecting, self-justification and denial are often the responses when an employee with significant struggles is confronted with their violation to their job description.  Not always, but often.

It seems self-evident that all people have struggles.  I believe it is safe to say that major work inhibiting dysfunctions are dramatically more prevalent with low income earners then high income earners **being a low income earner does not mean you have work inhibiting dysfunctions**.   **being a high income earner does in no way suggest are free from work inhibiting dysfunctions**

Socialist strategies try to value people. They simply do a brutal job expressing value.
The socialist mindset:
“I just told my boss where to go, and how to get there…now, what ‘taxpayer support system can help me find my new job?”

The ‘free-market mindset’:
"I just told my boss where to go and how to get there…now, what is inside of me that seems to have a pattern of struggling to honor authority? Perhaps once I fix this, I can find my job.”

Both approaches may land the person another job.  Which one do you suspect is cheaper and better values the individual? I submit the free market mindset.

Socialist mindset:
“The employer is finding success off of your hard work despite your ‘disease’ causing ‘issues’.  We are trying to tax him more to ‘share the wealth”.

Free-market mindset:
“You are failing to advance because you do not come into work sober.  Can I help you sober up? Once we work on this, we can begin investing in you for new skills that will pay you more and earn the company more!

Same question: which approach values the person and develops the economy?

 Fairness is a contagious disease the socialists try to spread to as many people as possible. **Not fairness in the sense of equal work for equal pay, or treating others fairly.  Fairness in the sense of taking another man’s scoop of ice-cream because he has 3 and you have 1** This disease is hidden within the overt trumpeting of the socialist claim of ‘valuing people’, so it is sometime tricky to spot.  “Fairness = valuing people” is a dangerous weapon tax and spend socialists try to impose on Canadians.  It destroys wealth. If forecasts a future of constant dependence on government for success. It undermines the potential of an individual who was beautifully created to serve others, solve problems and create. 

Valuing people is not found in helping others abdicate responsibility, it is found in helping others take responsibility.

In what context do you want to help others take responsibility?
Please consider:

-Governments are not designed to create wealth. The private sector creates wealth. 

-Governments are not designed to ‘help people’ with significant challenges to working.  Charity groups, faith groups, private citizens ought to fulfil that role. Least we ‘teach’ people with significant challenges, “your government is your source to solving your problems”.  What an unfortunate position to relegate others to.

-Friends, family and loved ones are prime candidates to help heal broken hearts, not expensive government programs. Compassion has the potential to break through a seemingly impossible situation.  Relationships with people ought to be the source for this breakthrough, not a government programs.

Do we not all desire to see people who have significant struggles find meaningful employment?  Is meaningful employment not serving others?  Is it not creating new things? Do we not get paid to solve problems? 

To the degree you believe we were built to serve, solve and create (and enjoy our successes and learn from our harsh failures) within the honorable field of work, you should equally consider the free market is the optimal place to do that (almost true by definition).   Plucking a struggling person out of the free market, and dragging them into a socialistic program undermines the very nature as to how a person was designed.  In order to serve, solve and create (and enjoy benefits) within a free market, we must learn from failure by confronting the root cause (not withdrawing and getting our answers in life paid for by others taxes).  Often times we need to develop the skill of leaning in others to learn the lesson.  Do not ruin the opportunity found within failure for anybody by sending them off to a government paid program.  You are telling that person, “You cannot gain meaningful lessons from the harsh free market to the degree of overcoming your challenges. We are going to get others to pay for you to take a ‘time out’ from the cruel free market.  The government will now help you.”  This devaluing statement is often subconsciously felt by others when they receive help.  Most of the people I talked to wish they did not have to receive help from the government.

Compassion cries out: love the person who is struggling to hold a job. YOU be the answer to their issues hindering them from work.  You be the teacher. You be the comforter.  You be available to know the shoes they are walking in, the pain that caused them such distress.  You are not government paid, you are free of charge!  Also, you are speaking from success found within the free market (so you are practising what you preach…where the socialist cannot, as they are not creating wealth, only spending other people’s).

In my life, compassion from others loving on me in my greatest times of need was the solution that allowed me to take several drubbings from the harsh free market and still stand. My lessons have been painful, but rewarding.  I have seen a number of people leap miles ahead by taking the hit from the free market then ask, “what do I need to change in me to advance in my work?”.  Meaningful action from this question could shrink our program expenses drastically and inspire many to progress by targeting and conquering their greatest challenges.  Sometimes there is too much pain and hurt to ask this question.  All is not lost. There is hope!  Being loved by family and friends (faith groups if no family or friends) is a powerful answer to building a stable attendance and mind for the job you are targeting.

All the pluralism in the world will not trump the reality that your value is fixed and high. Overcoming the challenges to keep a job in the free market requires you to learn the lessons  the free market teaches you.   Socialist attitudes hurt struggling people with lower-income away from free market opportunities of meaningful employment.  

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Arizona Pastor Arrested, Jailed for Holding Bible Study in Home; His Wife Says It ‘Defies Logic’

"If people can gather for a superbowl party...we have the right to gather here..."

My deep analysis, "Go Socialists Go!". 

Hey Scientists, The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side!

(Join the free market! What are you so scared of?)

 Hello, I am a scientist outraged by Harpers recent cuts: here is my story.

I am really angry that Harper and his environment-killing, lap-dog-minions are putting the kibosh to everything sacred in our field.  There is a direct correlation between Harper cutting funding and not caring about science and the environment.  Does Harper not know how essential and valuable our services are? Let me explain: they are VERY valuable.   Our services and problem solving abilities are so essential that we cannot get paid by the free market.   Wait a minute, that did not come out right. Consider this: we need our services paid for by the good taxpayers because the free market stupidly fails to recognize our value, but it’s there! Trust me!   There, that’s better.  You see, here’s the problem;  we feel we are exempt from the principles of the free market choosing what we research and how much we get paid because our mandate is ‘noble’, ‘just’ and ‘universal’.  This cause transcends the call on ordinary hard working Canadians who simply ‘earn their wage’ based on performance.

Please note that we have no bloody intention of debating the issue of whether or not our department work is even something that should be private or public.  Our moral cause makes that debate meaningless and non-existent.  We presume and declare that our work is ‘government paid’ and therefore make a declarative statement that any ‘cuts’ are immoral, evil and you guessed it, environment hating.  For if we lost such a debate and were convinced our problem solving should be paid for by the free market, then we would have nothing to do but possibly take a pay cut and not do what we love.  The country would suffer.  If you have not noticed, we are marching because we are owed a living by the good taxpayers of this country. 

One knuckle head asked me, “If your services and problem solving abilities are ‘so good for Canadians’ then why don’t you make more money in the free market and let supply and demand drive your ideas, pay and abilities to the ends they deserve?”.  I almost clocked that bugger.  He is ignorant and does not know the issues; it’s guys like this that are dangerous to the country and I told him so.  Then he had the nerve to mouth off, “Listen Mr. Scientist, the very principle I asked you to subscribe to is the very principle that millions of Canadians are working hard trying to develop and figure out, get off your high horse and join us!”.    Does he have any idea how stupid he sounds?  Bloody wingnuts!  “Caring is primarily done through government sponsored initiatives.  Once cuts are made, caring stops!   These bloody right wingers who think caring and problem solving can be  better done in the free market ought to give their heads a shake.

I get so angry when I have to defend myself like this because I know I am right.   

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