Monday, 11 July 2011

Advance In Work

I am trying something new:
Here is a Top Tip for hardworking Canadians aspiring for increase in their business:

Stop complaining about injustices.
We Canadians love 'fairness'.  When we see something that is not fair, or an injustice against us, our tendency is to 'look to make things right'.  The problem often does not lie in the desire to see justice, but in our method of resolve.  Sometimes we aggressively look to right the wrong without considering the following:
a) is it the right time?
b) do I get paid to solve this injustice, or get a result for my customer?
c) am I focusing on 'defending myself' or serving the other person?
d) is the other person wanting to receive my comments, or am I speaking to satisfy myself?
e) is my desire to respond birthed in my insecurity about how I am perceived?

Often times our demands for justice is more about 'being valued' then 'righting the wrong'.  Our quest to be affirmed and valued often trumps the opportunity at hand: solving problems to make money.  Hundreds of times I abandoned my job description and looked to be valued through making things right; on my time, my way.  I wanted others to see my motives as 'good' and did not want a 'black mark' beside my name or my performance.  The more I defended myself, the more I fought and the less control over others I actually had.  Here are some tips on how to overcome our desire 'to right all wrong's' and focus on making money:

1.  Accusations are a dime a dozen; don't give credibility to the accuser by pointlessly arguing with someone who is not open to discussion.
2. Friends/Employees/Customers typically lash out when they are under pressure. You can focus on serving them to solve their problem, or worry about 'how they spoke to you'.  Focus on the former.  Their perceptions will change...just give them some time and look for the right opportunity where they are open to hearing.
3. Know your value going into your place of work...when injustices come, stand firm in your value and do not look to be affirmed or made to look good.  Let the injustice go. (unless a law is broken, or it is abusive).

By developing tougher chins and knowing our value, we can let an injustice roll off our backs whereby we are free to focus on the weightier matters: serving others and advancing in our destiny...ironically enough: pursuing real justice.

Find a friend who you can share your goals and struggles with. It will make an impact on your day.

'Spoon Feeding Socialism' Coming To An End?

Eurozone debt crisis sends stocks tumbling

The Toronto stock market sold off across all sectors on Monday in another round of worry about the Eurozone debt crisis spreading to larger economies.

Investor sentiment further soured Monday on the possibility that Europe's debt crisis might be spreading to Italy as the yield on government bonds shot up, in contrast to other big economies.

"They're now beginning to address the fact that as we all know Greece won't be able to pay back those loans and the question is, what do you do about it?" added Warne.
While the Eurozone tries to figure out the latest 'bump' in the global 'recovery', America debates raising it's ceiling on debt.  All the while, jobs are not being created and the broad population wants to preserve government spending: in almost all countries. 

Conservatives, now is our chance to argue for a principled approach of lower government spending.  Spur job growth by lowering taxes.  Stop trying to run the economy through programs and endless regulation.  There is no moral victory in the government thinking they are the answer to your economic crisis.  We need to get a hold of our budgets, live within our means, then insist the government does likewise.  When we take personal responsibility for our lives, we can demand policy that is predicated on a principled approach.

Proverbs 22:7
The rich rules over the poor,
      And the borrower is servant to the lender.

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