Saturday, 29 March 2014

An Arrogant Self-Righteousness Looms At The Root Of Socialism

           Developing socialist attitudes is both basic and natural to man.  This autocratic pathology of thoughts and actions are predicated on the natural tendency to abdicate responsibility and attribute blame.  In the lush, bountiful garden of Edan, Adam and Eve could eat of everything except the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Wouldn’t you know, the tree was exactly what they coveted and eventually ate from.  Once exposed, they hid, then blamed. This pattern of coveting, taking and blaming is nothing new. And so the cycle continues with socialist attitudes and thoughts to this day.  The parallel with both Adam and Eve, and today’s socialist is they both insisted they knew better.  Eve was challenged by the serpent, “…did God really say?” Eve, thinking to know better than God, abandoned her understanding of right and wrong as laid out by God (do not eat) and declared her own rule of law and ate anyway.  When humanistic declarations usurp the laws of creation, a new righteousness is formed; self-righteousness. 

Self-righteousness is at the root of why socialists can – in the same breath- castigate you for daring to “judge someone else", but then yell from the depths of their belly how right their moral crusade is. For years I thought it was a contradiction: for a socialist to get mad at you for judging, but they themselves declare judgments on their hot topics. It is now clear.  They use the same humanistic “self-righteousness” to both declare they are right (in their judgments) and you are wrong (for even judging).  They are consistent, “I am self-righteous by virtue of my mind and actions creating a morality that suits my view of love and justice which trumps yours”.  This is what is going on, even if most cannot articulate it.  Self-righteousness is not only a socialistic trait; rather it is a human condition.  The problem is, when the chef pours 3 cups of self-righteousness into the bowl, than adds ½ a cup of coveting, all hell breaks loose.  When a morally superior individual covets your money or property, they -by a higher moral virtue- may now take your items all in the name of love, justice and compassion. Coveting becomes sharing.  Fits and pouting is now crying out for justice. Heated temper tantrums are really “standing for what is right—at all costs”.   The socialists have intellectualized their childish behavior.

To challenge socialism, we must go to the root: a natural (but evil) mindset of self-righteousness that thinks it knows best, places their own interest above others and allows an outlet for coveting, then displacing the morally inferior group…ironically, in the name of fairness. 

We should challenge the arrogance of their morally superior right to impose a fairness doctrine on others that is predicated on extraction of resources through the displacement of ownership.  (  Yes, it is true the NDP Policy Book has the word “fair” 23 times…all pointing to the golden calf of ‘shred ownership’)

We should call out the vile hypocrisy of a wagging finger that condescendingly belittles then categorizes others for daring to have “moral judgments”…whilst failing to take a breath before announcing the moral righteousness of their own.  We should not stop there.  We should pause, observe (draw pictures if necessary) and point out their entire political worldview rests coveting, self-righteousness and stepping on and taking from others to arrogantly climb up the ladder of life.  Wait a minute…I thought stepping on others to get ahead was a major ‘evil’ they pointed out in other economic systems?  When we are self-righteous, we tend to miss these “oops” moments in the formation of our own worldview.


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Translating The NDP’s Socialist Gibberish On Behalf Of Working Canadians

Right from the NDP website, we learn that it is not your responsibility to manage your finances.

The socialist gibberish in the picture above, when translated into coherent language can be understood as follows:

1.       You are not fully responsible for your debt, or the fee’s you incur (that contribute to your debt).

2.       Low income earners cannot competently manage their finances (if they could, they would not need NDP’s help)…but that sounds rude…so the NDP uses patted language to convey the truth, without the bite. 

3.       Household debt is (in part) a result of oppressive money makers who are extorting you.

4.       “Together” is not a transitory term to help someone up, while they are down.  Rather, it is a word tactfully used like a court style injunction that defines new spheres of responsibility for government at the expense of man’s freedom to choose (both the victim party who now needs government…and the well-off…who get the cream skimmed off their milk.)

5.       “…life more affordable” does not refer to starving and dying conditions--don’t be so reasonable.  It refers to the injustice of going into a crushing debt cycle resulting from the harshness of your choices.  When you click on the image above, the NDP site will explain what they mean by “life”.

It leads to this:


6.       Did you also notice these are not necessities of life? They are conveniences that would be quite manageable to those who make wise, prudent choices.  Living below your means and not taking on consumer debt would solve Mulcair’s problem of the crushing debt cycle.  But that is not his agenda, otherwise; he would teach millions of Canadians how to run a budget.  His agenda is to redistribute wealth.  You are entitled to a house and all the luxury items credit cards bring…so rather than respect people’s freedoms and choices, the NDP creates gibberish code words to convey an intimate hand of help (from both your own incompetence and the evil capitalist oppressors).  Please, don’t be fooled.  Socialism (government control of the means of production and distribution) is at the heart of NDP policy, thought and culture.  They have become masters at hiding the language, but not the functions of their wretched, evil and immoral worldview.  Rise above the devaluing innuendo's that relegate you to a pawn in their social order towards a “fair” Canada**

**The word “fair” was used 23 times in their  Policy Book

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