Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Hudak Asks Us To Take Heed, The Liberals Demand The Fat Of Rams

The breast sucklers must be awfully happy their chief care-givers are poised to win another election.  Even more thrilling is allowed ignorance that bonds will sell and we can simply rack up the debt. Sadly, Liberals use duplicitous words like "investment" which is code for "higher debt to GDP ratio"...and or for those who are not economically inclined: "we are turning into Greece".  The purpose of this note is to communicate the unintended consequences of voting Liberal.  Since I recognize a direct blog from a non-influential blogger has limited to no sway, I will take the angle of a business owner who is fighting for his (and his employees) better future, and is exasperated at the absurd degree of ignorance on economics with the vast majority of liberal voters (especially on twitter, where most are thankful their rants are capped at an entire 140 characters)


1.     The best predictor of the future patterns and habits can often be determined by past behavior.  

Therefore, "mistakes" will continue to be the quoted vibrato of an actual "scandal" right from liberal mouths.  If I tried 1/10 of the corrupt, dishonest behavior of the Liberals, I would be fired and instantly be forced to lay off 25 people...let alone broadcasting my lack of integrity with the catch phrase "mistakes".  Owning up is: 1. being honest. 2. Articulating the problem(s) 3. Giving real solutions and root cause and 4. demonstrating over time how you changed. Any other approach is playing Russian roulette (obviously politics excluded).  Furthermore, on the topic of words; Ms. Wynne says about the gas plant scandal, "I take full responsibility...". Ya, right. In the real world, when I take full responsibility I absorb the FULL COST of my mistake. (Creates a real incentive to fix my mistake, let me tell you...).  Did she write a cheque for 1.1 billion over the gas plant scandal? So ya, she did NOT take "full responsibility". Expect this pattern to continue: corrupt politics through bad judgments with inept leaders resulting in debt and pain for those they touch...with NO accountability..   In politics, you get to use bull crap words to sorta speak your mind. Hey Ontario, you are stamping this pattern of behavior. I predict: more scandals. More shifting of blame.  More "code words" to obfuscate how your tax dollars turned into waste.


2. Selfishness and coveting are at the root of the Liberal vote.  
They want what you earned. Period.  They get it legally through changing laws.  The selfish extractors of your wealth do this by IGNORING scandals, corrupt politics and incompetent leaders and place higher weight on taking your money.  When you run out of money: no problem...that's what the debt is for.  From $130 billion when they came $290 billion where we stand have an EXCELLENT predictor of the future based on past behavior. Look to Greece and the Liberals for a legitimate prediction of the future.  Ontario will not give up its "right" to suck off the government without a fight. In Greece it took riots...and they still lost. You think a soft spoken Tim Hudak is going to arrest a populate bent of wanting what others earned?  I predict: taxes, debt and laws will be instruments in the next 4 years for the emboldened Liberals to pillage wealth and further destroy Ontario.  I predict a solid: $340 billion of debt by 2018.  We will be damaged from another term. They do not have the skills or knowledge to stop this train-wreck and the Ontario voters FAILED to see this coming.  Hold me accountable to this. It's in print. Please note, I also predict endless excuses as to why it's all happening and not their fault.. I also predict they will not anticipate a ballooning debt and deteriorating manufacturing industry, but react when it though they knew it all along: all part of the ebb and flow of our great province. Ontario, you are warned. We are opening the door to Greece like damage. The other provinces will bail us out to a degree, but not at the rate the carnage is occurring.  The basis of this business point is clear and it points to why manufacturing has suffered in this province. In the real world, "innovation", "results", "change", "accountability" are vital attitudes for survival and growth. Improving your service is critical to reduce cost and maintain profits.  These realities are exempt with liberal voters and politics: twitter says so. Since many fail to grasp this concept, they are left voting based on the absence of this work-ethic and can therefore "vote in" a government that stylistically adheres to a deplorable view of how the economy ought to work. Once the ability for Ontario to borrow balloon’s; suddenly Ontario will get very mad.   

3. Consequences are for idiots.  If you are a voter and somehow think voting Liberal is bad, then you are failing to live in the moment, man.  What is $290 billion of debt, anyway?

When Wynne says "investment" do you hear her say, "by the way, this investment costs money and it will be paid for by higher debt"? Not a chance. You would be an idiot for thinking of consequences. It's all about priorities for you...and then more debt for your kids: you selfish voter. In business, you get your butt royally kicked when you do not take present choices into consideration when thinking of the future  (I learned the hard way).  In politics if you vote for a social welfare group that ignores debt and makes fun of the fiscally conservative, eventually things will get ugly ($290 billion AND GROWING!)  I predict VERY hard choices within 6 years from now. Draconian cuts will happen. Manufacturing will continue to erode.  Our level of debt to GDP will continue to increase as Ontario cannot sustain this rate of spending without damage to our credit, capacity to borrow and/or interest rates.  The Liberals are in bed with Unions so the cards have been played, and the Liberals “plan” is a major bluffing session. The course is set: scandals, blame, hiding, spending and taxing are the established future patterns.  Try those themes in business, or your family and see how you do.  Why do we make exceptions for politics? 



Ontario, a Liberal vote will eventually result in a series of denigrating downgrades to our most systemic pillars holding up our once great province.  Today, bonds will sell.  However, 4 years from now it won't be Tim Hudak "scaring" Ontario with 100 000 responsible layoffs over will be unsold bonds, higher interest rates and forced layoffs...and the evil corporations will not be there to bail you out. It's in the cards; the ground work has been proposed and Ontario is about to give the Liberals a stamp of approval. Business has given us the clues as to what will happen in the future political realm with this continued Liberal philosophy.  Please consider it is better to take heed then the fat of rams.   


*forgive me in advance for any spelling/grammar errors*

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Liberal Debt And Twitter Truthers

I dedicate this entry to all the Liberal-twitter-philosopher-economists who seem to be able to codify their truth telling in a mere 140 characters.

The prevailing trend of rampant Liberal logic appears to be a fairly simple method:  feeling + thought = truth.

The problem with this liberal method is most notable when a debate tries to get framed beyond the simplicity of a single thought and a vivacious feeling (however real that feeling is).

Look no further then the comedic response Liberals give to Hudak for his heartless, reckless economy killing 100 000 public service cuts.  I give credit for some very creative entries...but the common theme seems to be that there is some truth that others need to know because this Liberal had a thought that responded to their feeling.

I challenge liberals to articulate their argument to incorporate the elephant in the room: Ontario's debt.

Taken from the governments website, please note the debt has increased over 1 billion dollars per MONTH over the past 10 years!!! 

Here is the logical equivalent to the 100 000 stadium pic:

By failing to take the debt into consideration when deliberating the cuts being proposed, you deny the most basic aspect of voter due-diligence.  Do you confess you are ignoring this because you are selfish and think the next generation ought to pay for your spending addiction?

Please consider:

1. $290 billion of debt is a bad thing. Something needs to change and fast.
2. To not look foolish, we must put the interest paid on debt as the same weighted negative force as lost income to an Ontario worker.  I.E 1 cut government salary $50 000 (give or take) = $50 000 (approx.) of interest on debt.  Why do you decry the job cut, but not the corresponding lost wealth due to money going to bondholders in the form of interest?
3.  The government worker can find another job in the real-life economy; that offset's the initial job loss.  The only way to "offset" the interest payments is to pay the principal down.
4. Unless there is a major shift in government thinking, what is the best predictor of future behavior? The past. Tell me, how are the Liberals doing on this one?  For a simple clue, look at the debt chart above in relation to stated positions that Liberals plan to make no drastic changes to future spending behavior.
5. Given we can predict that future debt levels will likely rise at the same rate as the past 10 years, have you done the math to see what these "liberal values" will result in 10 years from now?  Approx. $430 billion in debt.  BTW, this would be about the same scenario as know, the place of draconian slashing of services...and massive cuts FORCED ON THEM? (Not even riots could stop it!) Keep er' going Liberals, almost there.
6. Do you want a little pain now by choice? Or several stadiums of pain forced on us later?

I submit for consideration, as soon as we frame any debate about cuts on the reasonable grounds of "out of control debt" the Liberals are in trouble. They must scream for more spending and continue to avoid topics of government waste and lack of productivity.  This sickness (blindness) will allow them to continue to create funny pics on twitter making fun of those who are a little more grounded in reality and aware of our balance sheet. Until then...keep chirping, Liberals.

Conservatives, pass this on to help others frame the debate and put pressure where it belongs; on the reckless and blind spending addiction of the Liberals.

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