Friday, 8 April 2011

Liberal thought....I'm just sayin'

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Hey church... modern day "liberalism" is dangerous.  If Liberals plan to strip us of our responsibilities and duties, we AT LEAST ought to know what's going on...

Please consider: 

Mr. Ignatieff shares his vision: I highlighted critical areas.
"Our platform in this election has one overriding objectiveto make equal opportunity a reality for every Canadian, whether you live in a big city, a small town, a remote community, a farm or a fishing village."

We will invest in quality, affordable child care for every young family that needs it. We will help every family with the costs of college or university, so your kids can be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. We will help families take time off from work to look after sick loved ones at home. We’ll strengthen universally accessible health care for all, and build on the Canada Pension Plan so everyone can retire in security and dignity. We’ll also have a new tax credit to help with the up-front costs of renovations to make your home more energy-efficient.

...focus on what really matters – giving every Canadian the tools to succeed in the years ahead.

When each of us gets a chance to succeed, we all succeed together.

Dangerously in line with:

"Liberal philosophy places the highest value on freedom of the
individual. The first consequence of freedom is change. A Liberal can
seldom be a partisan of the status quo. He tends to be a reformer –
attempting to move society, to modify its institutions, to liberate its
citizens. The liberal is an optimist at heart; who trusts people. He
does not see man as an essentially perverse creature, incapable of
moral progress and happiness. Nor does he see him as totally or
automatically good. He prizes man’s inclination to good but knows it
must be cultivated and supported. While understanding as well as
any other man the limits of government and the law, the liberal
knows that both are powerful forces for good, and does not hesitate
to use them."
Right Honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau, April 1974

 Rather than bore you with a long essay, here are point form key points:
·      Liberals do not see 'man as essentially perverse'. Rather, they believe that through cultivating 'powerful forces' we can indeed remain 'optimists' and build towards man's inherent good.  This is evidenced through policies that increase government and decrease family/personal responsibility. 
·      CONTRARY to liberal philosophy, I believe man is NOT made "good" by the powerful forces of government.
·      Today's Liberal Philosophy cites Trudeau’s comments from 1974: “Liberals have 2 powerful forces: laws and government…” Ignatieff continues to operate in this philosophy by stating his mandate/mission: "to make (laws) equal opportunity a reality for every Canadian." How Mr. Ignatieff? "Giving Canadians the tools to succeed in the years ahead.(ie: government programs)"  This philosophy is DANGEROUS because it takes away the responsibilities that have been imputed into the fabric of society from the 'Good Book'. 
·      By the population accepting the government over-involving their role in our lives, we by default accept the minimizing of what is our responsibility.
·      If you concede the last point, logically, it follows that when we lose responsibility, we lose authority.  Necessarily, government creating programs is creating authority (law) to govern and therefore they assume responsibility of newly created jurisdiction.  It's now 'their job' to 'give us tools' and 'we all succeed together'. 
·      Do you accept Liberalism even though it may very likely undermine your core beliefs and positions of responsibility? Do you think man is good and through powerful forces of government programs/laws we can find equality and happiness?
Believers, level with me. Do you give up?  Do you abandon your discipleship responsibilities and quit? Is the change in our lives and the change in those we are walking through life with so minimal that we need to pass the buck off to the government?  Does the Gospel not bring sufficient change to our hearts and minds? Or is that change so minimal that we have to depend on and expand government? 

So, do we just forgo our responsibly and pass the buck?  Do we let them use their powerful forces: laws and programs? With no need to discuss and 'carve out' our responsibility? is not perverse, right? Uh, right? right?    .....

To this I say, "No!!!  I do not give up!  I am NOT going to abdicate my responsibly to these 'powerful forces'.  I will not compromise my true values and allow 'powerful forces' to run my life.

I say "Yes" to a starting point of walking in humility and compassion.  That is the powerful force that brings true change.  Bring this to the workplace! Bring this to our families, our communities.

I say "Yes" to personal responsibility, fruit of labor and hard work.  What do you say friends?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Socialist-leaning policy devalues low income people: and here's why

(Except your vote!)

Socialism is a government planned economy (controlling means of production and resources).

Socialism says, "government will collectively own/control production and distribute to others"

Often times 'capitalists' accuse socialist policy of stealing their hard earned profits:  "they take all my money and give it away; that's stealing!"...although I think this is true, that is NOT the point of this blog.

Socialist leaning policy devalues people because it denies lower income/opportunity Canadians the platform to succeed by creating a cycle of dependency on the government; kinda like an addictive drug.
On the surface taxing those with money and using it to create billions of dollars for programs may seem kind, just and loving...but when you actually look to see what is really going is really quite devaluing to the development of an individual.

Socialism says, "you can't do it on your need the governments 'helping hand'".  (this blog does not debate the legitimacy of people who are mentally or physically challenged...we are NOT speaking to those who are UNABLE to help themselves)
Socialism devalues people because it ROBS them of the opportunity they have to overcome, develop and grow.  As owner and 'pro free market' I am using a 'free market' platform to launch people by teaching them (and myself) to connect with people, overcome challenges, take responsibility, pick ourselves up from discouragement and make better choices. 

Socialism says, "you don't have to learn all those difficult principles"...we will just collect their money and I will re-distribute it for you."
That is not compassion: the government is a drug and too many Canadians are hooked on this drug because it provides 'relief'.  How selfish.  Mr. Layton; case in point...cap credit cards at prime +5%...
We ought to look at our situation and take personal responsibility for our CHOICES.  It is selfish for Mr. Layton to deny people in that kind of trouble the SAME opportunity so many of us had to learn and grow within...I learned to budget, live within my means, be content with what I have, not covet what I do not have, be inspired to save up and work hard for something...

Socialism ignores those principles by telling you that it's their responsibility to 'level the playing field' on your behalf because the 'tough learned principles' through overcoming adversity are flanked by government policy that bails you out via government programs to meet needs. Responsibility of 'needs' goes from the individual to the government. This transfer carries with it the LOSS of said opportunities for personal development. This devalues the person in lower income groups by denying them the opportunity to live through and build the very principles/skills that were involved in so many Canadians success stories.  That is devaluing and it needs to stop!
Socialism denies real solutions that come with hard work, humility, learning and building relationships and replaces those things with 'drug like relief' by creating a bondage dependency on government services as being the answer and solution to problems and needs...
Rise up Canadians and look and see what the unintended consequences of socialistic attitudes are within government and make a difference with your vote;

Monday, 4 April 2011

1 lesson from 10 years of business

Coming up on our 11th year of business, I can tell you with all confidence that building a strong business is no walk in the park.  In fact, I am learning that building a strong anything comes with challenges and takes work.  My business has taught me that when a mistake is made, there is not much good in 'pointing the blame' to others.  As the 'boss', ultimately final responsibility is placed on me.  There is a 100% direct correlation between the mistake our company makes and our bank's a 1:1 ratio...i.e we order $1000 of scrap material...our bill is...$1000 and subsequently that amount leaves our bank.

It's all too easy to 'shift the blame' elsewhere..."so and so" failed in their's their fault.  I have come to realize that yes indeed I place responsibility on others...but it is my job to communicate clear expectations and give the individual clear guidelines, training and support.  This takes much more patience and work.  By me investing in a structure that creates and environment conducive to 'taking responsibility' I have seen a dramatic increase in productivity in our place of work.

This approach is based on a 'leader serving'.  I am to serve those under my authority for their benefit and that of the company.  This is rewarding because the skill learned by those in whom I invest are now transferable not only to a profitable work environment, but also to others...thus a 'culture of champions' is being created.

What are you in charge of? Who and what are your responsible for?  I encourage you today to look at your problems and challenges with a fresh view: overcome problems by serving!  What acts of service can you undergo to see the transformation you desire?  Who can you 'pull in' to your world who will help you analyze the problem and construct a solution?

The biggest mistake I made throughout the years is complaining about problems under my authority.  I have had to learn to think, analyze and pull others into my world and realize that, 'yes indeed' I can make change occur.

Have a fantastic day!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Interview with Mr. Liberal.

Cartoon ClipartFor fun, I am using the article copied to do a mock interview; enjoy:
-all non brackets are direct quotes from the article below

Pretend interview with Ryan as the press, and Mr. Liberal as my guest explaining the unveiling of their new plans:

Ryan: "Thank you for meeting with me today Mr. Liberal. So, your plan...what is it?:

Liberals say:" a spending plan laid out over two years that adds up to more than $8 billion."

Ryan says, "Who will....I'm sorry, did you say 8 b-i-l-l-i-o-n...with a b?"

Liberals: "8 billion"

Ryan: "okay, who will benefit from this?"

Liberals say: "Families...(we call it the) Liberal Family Pack "

Ryan: "Liberal family pack? I thought you said it was for Canadians? So why are you not calling it the "Canadian family pack" if this is all about Canadian families?  Would smart conservatives not use your existing title to expose that you are trying to be peoples 'source' and 'go to' when every problem creeps into life? What-da you say? Name change to 'Canadian family pack?"

Liberals: "a good government is there so you don't feel alone...(so we will call it) the liberal family pack"

Ryan: "My goodness....So, what's in the "power pack"?:
Liberals say: " ..(it's) the family pack. Many of the items in the platform have already been announced, including the "Learning Passport" post-secondary funding, an early learning and child care plan, the family care plan to help care for sick relatives, and measures to improve the Canada Pension Plan and help for low-income seniors."

Ryan says, "Dear God! 8 billion for these items? Will the population accept increased taxes? Would they not vote you down for increasing taxes?"

Liberals say: "(our) plan does not raise taxes on families"

Ryan says, "that's impossible! you don't...are you saying you will make cuts to programs and other spending?

Liberals: "....."

Ryan:  "That leaves corporations...are you going to raise their taxes?"

Liberals: "(we will be)  raising corporate tax rates back up to the 2010 level"

Ryan: "oh, i corporations will pay for this "family pack".  Fellas, I have been blogging about government encroaching on area's of jurisdiction that they have no business treading on.  What is the logic for taking hard earned and necessary cooperate profits and spending them on more and more and more and more and more programs?

Liberals, " a good government is there so you don't feel alone."

Ryan: (jaw dropped...silence...)

Liberals continue: "they address a real need of Canadian families"

Ryan: "are you aware that my very point is that you tax money then spend it on programs you have no jurisdiction within? Why is it your job to plan the economy and why are you branding this as 'meeting needs'?

Liberals: silence....

Ryan: "okay, so let's be real, you can't have it all...what are you giving up...?"

Liberals: "(we would accommodate) policy spending with a cancellation of the F-35 fighter jet deal"

Ryan: "Your kidding?!?! You are cancelling spending in an area the government actually has jurisdiction and responsibility in to pay for something you have no business encroaching on?"

Liberals: "(that's why we call ourselves liberals)".

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