Friday, 16 December 2011

"Forward. Together.", Eh Dalton?

"I got this downgrade thingy entirely under control"
 In previous entry I write:

Government spending to 'invest' in the economy is simply a scam and a lie. It's like rounding up piles of cash and burning it. We have a suffering economy, massive debt and lagging innovation to show for his 'investments'. Socialism is like stinky comes in different degrees...and they all stink. This 'lets pillage the free market, divert capital from the earners, morph it into tax revenue and hand it out for all to get ahead' disaster is refereed to as "Forward. Together". Sure Liberals. I guess it's better then "Annihilating. Wealth."  And when our (solar, et. al) deals go bust? Deny reality and spend more. Oh, and brag about what else you flushed cash sure to call them investments, and of course, avoid talking about debt. Ontario voters are too selfish and 'me oriented' to weigh our Provinces debt against the value of policy...

And Now we find: Ontario credit downgrade possible, Moody's warns

A downgrade would affect the government's $190-billion debt and likely increase future borrowing costs.

"The negative outlook on the province reflects the softening economic outlook, Ontario's growing debt burden, and the extended time frame to achieving a balanced budget," said Moody's assistant vice-president Jennifer Wong.

 I predict Dalton will continue to see the solution to Ontario's ailing economy and debt burden through higher taxes and 'stronger partnerships' between government and Ontario business.  These efforts, although well intended, will have a negative impact on our Province.  Time will show government encroaching on business to be a serious mistake.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rick Perry And Another Oops

This video has 630 000+ dislikes

Rick Perry to his marketing crew, "Guys, work with me here...let's create an ad that everyone who does not agree with me simply will hate.  Inflame our enemy. Make them dislike it so much that there vitriol will be our supporters rally cry!  Yes, this is how I will win our nomination". Perhaps that is how it went down.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps he's thinking, "I was just standing for my beliefs, but it kinda backfired: oops."

Regardless of his position or thinking, I learned a valuable lesson from his video and feedback of 630 000+ dislikes.  We should spend less time proclaiming what we stand against, and more time sharing what we stand for.

Not to beat up my own faith, but all too often Christians are caught standing against things.  I read a cool book that pointed this out and Rick Perry seems to highlight this to a tee.  His blunder can be my opportunity.  What do I stand for?

I stand for loving others. Caring for others. Forgiving others and serving others.
I stand for learning, thinking and working hard. I stand for learning from my mistakes and being open when I am in the wrong.  These are not area's of perfection in my life...however, they are area's I desire to improve in.  What do you stand for?

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