Friday, 25 May 2012

A Voice Of Reason In The Socialists World Of Insanity

I often wondered why socialists always talk about tolerance and nearly always refuse to accept moral absolutes. I found they only accept absolutes with respect to the veracity of their ideological agendas but all other ‘claims’ to truth are only contingent on conjecture fused with caveman roars. This moral sleight of hand may confuse some Canadians, but surely not the reflective thinker.

The basic understanding that undergirds a free market position is quite simple. The human was designed and built to function a certain way. We were built to serve people. When a guest comes over, we don’t have to think and try really hard to get up and be polite. We do it automatically and naturally. We were built to solve problems. We solve puzzles at 2 years and at 4 we add. At age 10 we mow lawns for $5, all the while solving problems while in school. Entering the workforce, we get paid to serve or solve problems, almost all the time. Furthermore, we are designed to create. Regardless if we take plain lego blocks and build a planet or if we are innovating something new for the market place, creating is a significant part of who we are and what we do...after all, we came into existence by our parents creating! We hold this without apology and see no need to play the ‘relativisim’ game.

We are built to take ownership when solving problems, serving and creating and this is good. Privately owning this process often results in profit, which is also good.

Profit is the friend of the diligent, open minded and responsibility taking individual.
(Losses are our friend too; it’s a breeding ground for learning, feedback and improvement.)

Here’s the tricky part for the socialist: we were built to have dominion over our area of responsibility. Private ownership is our claim to that which is our responsibility. We own the problem. We own our attitude behind serving. We own the connections our minds make to create something beautiful and helpful. This is owned by us, for better or worse. Our choices matter and just as we teach our 3 year olds, there are consequences to choices. Therefore choose well and we will love you no matter what. Owning that which is our responsibility is beautiful and good. It is in line with how we were designed as people.
The socialist attacks how we are created and seeks to manipulate our imputed facets of design through re-constructing a bastardized shadow of our former self.

The socialist argues:
“The problem is not ‘your’ responsibility to solve, it’s ‘ours’ to solve.”
“Your responsibility to your actions and attitudes is overridden by your ‘rights’ to be looked after by the state.”

“Consequences to poor choices are not your fault, it’s our fault, therefore a solution is your right…and it’s cool, we will pick up the tab.”
“You ought not to keep the reward to that which you thought you owned, for you do not own the solution to the problem: the government does, since it’s not ‘your’ problem, but ours.”

“We the government are not nearly as accountable to serve others as we are righteously indignant of those profiteers who ought to serve us.”

“The profiteer (“evil banks”, “big corporations” in NDP world) distances herself from the rest of us by insulting the ‘together we stand’ mantra by using profits to isolate her from our care, therefore our solution is simple: tax like mad.”

Profit is the enemy of togetherness, so we the government will take it and spread it out.”
In the socialist world, the person does not ‘own’ their actions with respect to how they are created, so a ‘profit crushed society’ is required. Yep, 48% +++ tax bracket is crushing.

Despite what you are fed, the context of serving, solving problems and creating is not a ‘government owned and distributed’ agenda.  Consider the poorest of the poor in Canada. They don’t need more truncating of their given attributes (ownership of serving, solving and creating).  Many are desperate to serve, solve and create. To do this, give them the private sector, not the public sector. Compassion must direct people to meet and connect with the poorest of the poor in Canada: not governments "lovingly" stripping the poor of their humanity, ironically in the name of humanity.
Annihilate the socialist’s surface songs of love and expose the root of their agenda and I am confident you too can see how destructive a government planned economy is to the human condition: however well intended.

It is humane to respect an individual’s sets of choices (even if it leads to poor outcomes) and empower them to change their attitudes through loving on them. If this is done through the private sector, then the compassion is mated with ownership of solutions and this is in line with how we are created: therefore we can expect to see good things. Good things happen when they function according to their design. People included! It is inhumane when the socialist squad parachutes in, cites 'compassion' and partners it with government 'solutions' then strips the individual of their imputed rights of ownership turning those in need into state-puffed-marshmallows. The government solution is not in line with how we are created therefore the method is unacceptable as it perpetuates what is clearly broken: a non-inspired state of failing to own choices pertaining to serving, solving and creating.

The terror of government forced compassion: puffed up and a changed state.

Socialists can’t inspire ownership for choices in others when they dictate shared ownership of choices as a core tenant. The socialist will give the poor in Canada a chance, only when they get the heck out of the way.  Paving the handout road with good intentions does not make the socialist cause noble, just or right. It is deceptive to many, but surely not you…the reflective thinker.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Socialists Would Convert To Capitalism...If They Earned More Money

Socialists in general (I observe) have a heart for people. They often have a righteous indignation for injustice (perceived or real) and look to ‘blot out’ the injustice by action/laws/regulation/tax codes etc. 

 Perhaps the socialist would be inclined to consider the following:

1.       Capitalism is not ‘inherently evil’.  A group trading X with another group for Y resulting in two satisfied traders is a good thing, not a bad thing.  If one group makes a profit, and the other is satisfied with the trade, then what’s the big fuss?  Two happy groups.  If the big problem is this trade is based on X and Y being ‘privately owned’ and not government controlled, then we have a real problem. 

2.       It’s easy for anyone ‘evil’ to slip into any ‘system or structure’.  A rebel rouser at a Maple Leaf game setting things on fire, a ‘fanatic at a church’, a Nixon in the Oval office and a greedy SOB  in a big-wig capitalist penthouse are just a few examples.  We don’t call hockey evil or a church evil or Capitalism evil because it permits thugs.  The ‘merit’s’ or inherent structure of something defines it’s attributes not a sliver of an example within a massive framework.  Let us give Socialism and Capitalism a break and equal footing in that we will assess its structures and tenants to define its legitimacy,  least we commit a basic logical fallacy (part does not represent whole).

3.       Many socialists I have spoken to genuinely love and care for people.  I think the means of attracting capital through forced redistribution guts the heart of the very cause the socialists often decry: social justice.  Here’s how:
a.       Creating  ‘a’ is hard. Destroying ‘a’ is easy. Substitute ‘a’ with either: relationships, a business or wealth and this should ‘ring true’. 

b.      Wealth is often a derivative of adding value to one’s position.  Get people what they want, when they want it and you often have a by-product: profit.  If you haven’t, try it! It’s fun!

c.       If the socialists ‘social justice’ cause is both legitimate and true, then the context on which they surely are able to in bring about their desired result is via a system that rewards you for adding value.  I.E  Private charity or business where profits are invested into the desired cause.

d.      If there is no ‘real value’( viz a vie CBC) then you are left to beg, demand and insist other people give up what they own to fund your agenda/social cause.

4.       In the interest of best advancing the socialists cause, I suggest the following: go start a business. Sweat. Bleed. Shed tears.  Dig your trench and get ready for warfare (it’s ugly out there). Create wealth by getting people what they want, when they want it (learn when we fail).  Take the fruit of your created goods and invest it into the cause your heart desires. You own your profits. You choose where they go.  Your reward is your investment.  But hey, just like your reward is your investment, my reward is my investment.  You invest in your cause, I’ll invest in mine.

5.       If socialists made more money they will have experienced the fruit and benefits of the free market system.  This joy and benefit would empower them to both invest where their heart sees fit and most importantly, come back to that free market system for more.

 I encourage you today, don’t be the ‘demanding socialist’ who seeks to create laws that bridals’ others success and transfers ownership of the finances to your cause.  How can you offer those suffering and hurting a ‘hand up’ in life when the means you are getting your solution is by sticking your hand out?

I challenge you to be an example of a solution oriented, problem solving, relationship creator, hope agent person.  The last thing I know your compassionate heart wants is to teach those you are trying to help to be dependent on government for success, hope and solutions.  If you can’t break that cycle yourself, how do you expect those you are helping to?

Be a working participant in the very solution you are trying to affect. You will create your wealth. You will own it. You will choose where that profit goes.  This, my socialist friend, is real compassion.  You become the example that others aspire to. This real-time compassion is what the hurting people of Canada need. 

Capitalism gives you the best platform to serve, create and receive a reward for a job well done.  The free market lets us put our character, skills and knowledge to the test and the results we get in the free market are extendable to those hurting.   If we work to get good at this, we will both own our results and be able to invest in others with both money and skills that will pick the downtrodden up and carry them forward, so they too can do likewise! 

If socialists saw the power of how they can move social justice forward by being an example and making the investment, I know they would abandon the pettiness of begging/demanding of other people’s money and start creating their own.   Join me my socialist friends.  I am working as hard as I can to create wealth to help advance people.  I try my best to help people and love people. The fee market gives me the choice to be a thug, or gentlemen who creates value for customers and employees.  I desire to extend the skills I have learned to help as many people as possible.  I care deeply for social justice, just differently than my socialist friends…and I humbly submit… better.

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