Thursday, 30 November 2017

Don't Be A Feminist Fundamentalist

Modern feminism wasted their resources attacking men instead of fighting the rampant rape culture in Left-wing Hollywood and standing up for desperate women under Shria Law backed Muslim countries. This lack of courage and conviction are only eclipsed by their collective anger and bitterness resulting in a lack of gratitude and complete intellectual confusion on the topic of genders within a Judeo-christian framework. Feminists are stuck in a world of their own with fanatical convictions so far removed from reality that they have earned the title "Feminist Fundamentalists". I recall in the 90's the fundamentalist title were reserved for Christians who:

1. Imposed their view of truth on others
2. Judged others for not sharing their beliefts
3. Made others feel inferior for not coming in line with their beliefs.
4. Tried to compel others through manipulation, laws and force to adopt their views

Society rightly put these Christians in their place and I have seen a cultural shift for Christians to move towards loving others unconditionally (we can still love someone and disagree with their actions. I.E you can love the thief, but disagree with stealing). Sadly these fanatical feminists have picked up where the fundamentalist Christians have left off.

Void of truth, Feminists do not use logic, facts or arguments to discuss their positions. They use basement dwelling tactics of accusation, screaming, judgments, manipulation and personally decrying "victim" to censor debate. Feelings trump truth. Emotions trump rational discussion. They employ with impunity all 4 fundamentalist tactics earning the title Feminist Fundamentalist.

Their morally bankrupt strategy of shaming others and trying to impose their view of reality on society will continue to destroy your personal freedoms. Watch out for the Feminist Fundamentalist.

Don't fear the Feminist Fundamentalist. Call out their hypocrisy, point out the lack of courage to fight real issues of disparity while they virtue signal a non-existent manufactured and fictional crisis from the comfort of gender equal North America. As vichous as their bark is...It's okay to expose their ploy as their bark is much (much much) bigger then their bite.

If you have 4 minutes, here is one of my favorite clips of a Feminist Fundamentalist: starting at 1:19


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