Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Incredible Real Time Stats

If you have not already seen this detailed page on US Debt stats, you need to check this real time clock out.

Unreal: click me!

What thoughts are you processing when you see these real time stats?

Sadly many Canadian balance sheets do not look much stronger, consider:
Record household debt could be Canada's undoing, economist says

The obvious connection between US debt and Canadian household debt seems clear.  Stop spending money that we don't have, on things we have no business spending them on.  

Conservatives need to balance our personal budgets, live within our means and therefore strongly argue against any government measure that would undermine this core value.  Our values are not just argued in a political debate, they are to be lived out. 

I stand for teaching my children how to budget, live within our means and not covet what other have.


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