Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Clouds Looming Over Ontario

Ontario set to vote amid signs of historic three-peat for McGuinty Liberals

Numbly I struggle to type, thinking how to hold supper down. The dawn of a debt-driven, social-handout government is set to take their third kick at our cans via a promise to spend, spend, spend. Oh how foolish the Ontario electorate! In the intellectually simulating t.v program, "Blue's Clue's", we are offered in the informative "Frustration" episode to 'stop, breath and think'. Darn it Steve, you're right.

Here are the 3 predictions I see over the next 4 years:

Blue's Clue #1 (yes, this is an intentional pun off of being more conservative, 'blue' was part of my thinking process) You can only spit in the free markets face so long before she gets offended and leaves us...Government spending to 'invest' in the economy is simply a scam and a lie. It's like rounding up piles of cash and burning it. We have a suffering economy, massive debt and lagging innovation to show for his 'investments'. Socialism is like stinky comes in different degrees...and they all stink. This 'lets pillage the free market, divert capital from the earners, morph it into tax revenue and hand it out for all to get ahead' disaster is refereed to as "Forward. Together". Sure Liberals. I guess it's better then "Annihilating. Wealth."  And when our (solar, et. al) deals go bust? Deny reality and spend more. Oh, and brag about what else you flushed cash sure to call them investments, and of course, avoid talking about debt. Ontario voters are too selfish and 'me oriented' to weigh our Provinces debt against the value of's all too easy to piss on the next generation and get them wet...arguing pee is sterile so it's all good. The free market will leave us. Debt will grow, innovation will lag, jobs will be lost. And the Liberals will blame others because 'personal responsiblity' is a cruel term that hurts the feelings of selfish people.

Blue's Clue #2 Environmental Worship and government run economies lack discipline, accountability and transparency. I predict increased secrecy and major cost overruns in government programs. I predict increased useless regulation. The Liberals uphold their watchful eye of permission and control within their programs. When a government commands, "Forward. Together." then they order the steps, not the free market...which means they make the rules, which means they enforce the rules. Crap...we can guess where this is going.

Blue's Clue #3 A Strong Conservative leader will rise up who does not undermine the electorate with boring useless topics. Hudak had a great case to make: Liberals ruined our economy and rather then begging for forgiveness, the Libs want to spend more and regulate more! Dalton lies (lacks integrity) and takes the voters for granted. Clearly there is not enough pain for the Conservatives to elect a strong leader. Obviously there is not enough pain for the Liberals to be canned. 4 years from now I do not expect to say, "I told you so", but I do expect a hungry electorate ready and craving a clear minded, well articulated visionary leader who can explain how Cconservative principles both work and show compassion to all Ontarians. Until then, yelp!

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