Friday, 13 January 2012

Ron Paul Video: Right Again?

I am interested in your comments below:


  1. Guess we'll see in time.
    Churchill wanted to stop Hitler before anyone else, but they accused him of being a warmonger. Had he the power to act when he wanted, perhaps the world would have been spared much, or all, of WW2... millions of lives. But we never know for sure (then or now) until something actually happens....

  2. Ron Paul loves to make this point: When a country acquires nuclear weapons, the United States actually takes them seriously. Gaddafi agreed to abandon his nuclear weapons development and look where it got him... It is quite rational for nations to try and acquire nuclear weapons. What is the justification for stopping them? Doesn't every country have the right to defend themselves? Would you want Russia or China telling us here in Canada that we have no right to acquire weapons for ourselves?

    Bottom line, weapons or no weapons in Iran, the US has no right to invade Iran to stop them. If the US feels that Iran is direct threat to US national security that is one thing, and then the US should be allowed to buiild its own defensive weapons or provide defensive weapons to the US's allies in the region. Or the US could try and use diplomacy to stop Iran... but where does the right come from for the US to just invade another sovereign country that is not launching or preparing to launch an attack?

    Iran would have to be INSANE to start a war with the US or any of her allies given what Iran knows the US is capable of (just look to either of those two war ravaged countries to the East and West, Afghanistan and Iraq and you get the picture...)

    1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad KNOWS that it is HIS DUTY TO GOD to create chaos and blood in the streets so that the Hidden Imam who jumped into a well 7oo years ago can return to earth in the company of Jesus Christ and rule for eternity.

      It's his sworn duty!! "He would have to be insane" What part of what I said earlier don't you understand, he is nuts. When he went off on a nutso rant at the UN he saw that he was surrounded by a blue light and that why people were staring at him, not that they thought him crazy. Crazy people should not have sharp stick, much less nukes.


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