Monday, 13 February 2012

Greece, Riots, Unions And Ungreatfulness

In a fantastic entry, Mish Shedlock points out the damage caused by unions and entitlement attitudes on a bankrupt nation.  Do they cave to the obvious and relent?

What an exclamation mark!   I get a destructive attitude when you don’t get your way, but this is ridiculous!  Unions marching, destroying property seems silly when the alternative is bankruptcy.  With unemployment over 20% and major cuts coming, there are little options left for the Greeks. 

Do the protests/destroying stuff/socialist attitudes of the unions in Greece remind you of anything?

Reality: Greece is bankrupt.  There is no more to give. End the self-destructive fits Greece.  It looks as bad as the ungrateful computer kid.


  1. what a little brat I would take more then his wow account away I would take his computer away and his xbox and all his other stuff away. make him mow lawns. god I grew up in the 70s when we had dungeons and dragons and I never acted like that. it was a rpg game. that kid is spoiled nowadays. he needs to be put over his fathers lap and given a spanking. I wonder if there is a union for that in Greece to.

  2. Comparing them to kids throwing a tantrum is understandable but then I think they may feel like they were promised something and then have had part of the gift given to them only then to have it taken away. Not that it's right mind you. It seems totally foolish to me to be rioting like they are because it's not going to get them what they want. I think the biggest problem here though is that there are governments that don't want to let the country fail. More of the "too big to fail" mentality. And it's living in this moment of uncertainty - going back and forth - that is causing so much stress to the people of Greece.


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