Friday, 3 February 2012

Unions And the Free Market

Walkom: Caterpillar closing part of a coordinated attack on unions

Since it locked out 460 Canadian workers in January, the giant U.S. firm had made little secret of its intent to move their jobs to Muncie, Indiana.
All it was waiting for, apparently, was a signal that the state government there was serious about crippling trade unions.
The London plant closing is not an isolated event. It is part of a coordinated attack across North America on unions and wages.

Let the market be free!
Pay for performance.  A company may move capital and get more for less. That is smart and logical, not greedy.
Who's the greedy one?  I say the workers who expect more then their services are worth!
"Pay me more then what the free market is willing to pay! If you don't, you are greedy!"
Dear workers: put your own capital up. Hire a person for more then what the free market is offering and we will see how you respond to that under performing situation.  Until then, practice an attitude of thankfulness and not entitlement.  


  1. So no compromise - no jobs but hey its all about the "brothers and sisters". Union members out of a job - union leadership still in charge. Sounds like a winning plan that needs to be repeated - a successful failure. Enjoy your early retirement. Cheers

  2. I bet the union leaders have not lost one cent in wages. Who to those workers think they are, employees of the canadian bawdy corp. who say they could get triple wages in the private sector. I wonder how many of those workers would like a do over in contract talks, and would tell Ken L where to go.

  3. Union workers have to give their heads a shake here. Way more workers than jobs these days. Manufacturing is moving out of Ontario thanks to McGuinty.

    Next time try voting something other than Liberal.

  4. Alberta is crying for skilled workers, would they come here. Wages are higher than what they were getting at Cat. in the oil field.
    And another benefit, they would be here for at least 2 yrs before the next election and would have lost all their ndpq and liberal roots and would vote Conservative.

  5. I feel sad for the workers who were so badly let down by their union bosses greed, but who do you think will get the blame? Not the Union bosses, that's for sure.

  6. I feel sad for you people who just don't get what it's all about, would rather kiss-up to the wealthy 1% than find any compassion for the children who will suffer as a result of this. Caterpillar made *billions* of dollars last year. There is no need for them to demand a cut in wages, to shut down a factory. It is a completely heartless move. And children will suffer. It is *never* a child's choice to suffer! But you seem to be ok with that. Shame on you!

    1. caterpillar did not make billions in london ontario. people better look after their own children by being responsible.

  7. they are going to be looking for welders in n.s. for building navy ships. nfld is looking for pipefitters. alberta, well, they just need workers. ontario wants to kill all jobs except those that are government. i am not sure where the money is going to come from for those government jobs.

  8. I still haven't heard, was Caterpillar losing money at this plant like Vale was losing money at it's Sudbury facility?

  9. There is NO compassion if you are making much more than someone else for your work.
    We all owe our daily existance to the labours of other persons.
    Our public washrooms need to be cleaned, people are employed to check us through airports, no one gets well in a hospital unless the hygiene is maintained, and nobody eats unless the food is harvested.Thinking your work is much more important and deserving of a bigger wage/salary with plenty of perks is NOT compassionate. It is selfish, and ultimately GREEDY


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