Monday, 2 April 2012

Congratulations To Mr. Trudeau! My Personal Thanks.

Mr. Trudeau certainly can teach us about healthy living.  Fighting reduces stress and causes us to live longer! Congratulations Mr. Trudeau!
Check out: Five unhealthy habits sending us to an early grave

I mentioned I am not blogging due to my intense focus on work.  I have formed an excuse in my mind, "I am too busy, overwhelmed and tired to work out".  Thus, I am overweight.  I currently tip in @ 200lbs. No pic available :(

Between a liberal defeating a conservative, the powerful article about living longer through a healthy lifestyle and sound advice from good friends...I think I am ready to slay the 'excuse monster' and get in shape again.  In 2008, I lost 30lbs and won my first amateur boxing fight! See pic.

I also felt good about myself!
Here's a pic when I went on vacation that same year.

I'm thankful to Mr. Trudeau for helping me see the value in working out and fighting.
When I worked out I enjoyed the following benefits:
1. better memory
2. better sleep
3. clear focus
4. faster processing with my brain
5. more energy for family, challenges of work
6. kill 2 birds with 1 stone (metaphor my environmentalist friends), I exercise and get some 'me time'!
7. love sparring/fighting in the ring!

Enough of the excuses and reasons for getting overweight. I am not a victim who is bound by the toughness of my work. 

I hope this entry gets us all thinking a bit about a healthy lifestyle. 
Personal responsibility is the platform of my political thought...time I start practising what I preach!

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