Wednesday, 30 May 2012

CEO Lives To Fight Another Day

Although we are still not out of the woods yet, there appears to be positive momentum with some recent investments being materialised into solid operations.  Taking massive risks to innovate or increase productivity is not easy.  For example, we are taking old tires and ‘crumbing’ them down to usable products for the open market using about 20 large machines! We recycle tires.   It has been a 14 month process to figure a complex system of interrelated machines out.  

Here is our amazing shredder we rebuilt basically from ground up. 

Here is the ‘final product’ coming out at double the rate we initially aimed for.  We have been told by brokers and customers our product is world class and we produce it at rates unheard of for the investment made.  Time will discern this.

Bragging aside, the ‘urge’ to give up and quit cycled through my mind thousands of times.  I took a drubbing making an investment without seeing returns when expected.  If my company were publicly traded, I would likely be fired for ‘missing results’.  The pressures of ‘executing’ on this operation while running 2 other major operations (Aerospace Machine Shop and a Processing facility) have been a very humbling experience. 

Creating wealth is not easy. Solving problems, taking risks and enduring several complications while trying to create a rock solid mindset of overcoming has been war to embed in my subconscious. 

If you are “in the trenches” and fighting in the daily grind to get ahead, here are some helpful strategies:

1.        Key People:  Find 1 or 2 key people who you can ‘dump’ on. After you share, they will ‘drive you forward’ by offering a direction or a suggested point of consideration.  It is all too easy to become self-empowered with the daunting hazards of individualism.  By taking the ‘guts’ of what is inside of you and sharing with key people, you get the ‘crap out’ and will then be open to receiving suggestions.  Being the boss is not ruling with an iron fist giving off an image you are always right. Bosses are the ones who lead the way by being open to change, learn and serve.  Although situations often don’t change by sharing with others, we often recharge ourselves and therefore are postured to attack the problem from a new angle or new sense of purpose.  It is humbling to accept we may have missed the answer or need help.

2.       Clear Analysis:  My tendency was to see reality, but not embrace it.  At one point, I was so overwhelmed by my present situation that I felt like I was self-imploding.  My body was tingling and I started sweating and tensing up.  I felt like hiding and admitting my scope of work is beyond my capacity. It was at that moment that I heard inside, “Get up!” (Joshua 7:10)  I then realized that I can do what I can do.  I gave my operations a clear analysis. I leaned in on key people for direction and I worked by tail off.  I stopped fearing failure and embraced what I had to do. To accomplish this, I needed a clear analysis of reality and then jumped in with both feet! By passionately embracing my role, I am developing positive mindests:  peace and clarity of thought: calm in the midst of a storm.

3.       Focus On Real Priorities:  Being thankful has been a bedrock during my ownership tenure.  I try to share that thankfulness is an expression of my heart.  When matters arise that are not so positive, I immediately name a few things I am thankful for.  I then realize I am well able think through and solve the problems I am confronted with.  Often times I re-ground my business mind by coming to such a simple understanding of what I am most thankful for:  

I look forward to continuing my fight to serve others by creating wealth. I love helping people think through problems while helping them take responsibility.  I am grateful that I am still ‘in the game’.  Connecting with key people, offering a clear analysis of business matters and being thankful are powerful rallying cries of the strong.

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