Thursday, 19 July 2012

First Nations Is Not Embarrassed, They Simply Want More

Don't you love when the left offers emotional tirades in response to pointing out the obvious connection of socialism, entitlement and the pitfalls thereof?
One of my main points within this blog: if you 'live socialism out', you actually run into exactly what we are seeing in this video: entitlement breeding low accountability and ruined lives (while a select few enjoy)...all off the backs of hard working wealth earners.
This video represents the left's 7billion (per year) showcase of socialism in action. (Gee, they should do a blog "Socialism In Action".)
Why have accountability when you think it's your money? If you are reading this, it ain't your business what I do with my money...just like it isn’t your business what First Nations does with their money...or so the left thinks.
It is irrelevant in the socialists mind what they do because of the socialists axiomatic point: transfer of wealth is also transfer of ownership. They own the money; therefore they not accountable to the source.
If the left says, "Ryan, you are wrong, we do believe in accountability!", then they would be denying the justification on which they levied the taxes in the first place. Consider this: if the money belongs to the hard working Canadians, then it should stay with them, afterall, it belongs to them. Thus, no tax and no transfer of ownership. If the socialists argue, "The money needs to be transferred to First Nations because they are entitled to it." (as is the status quo), then by definition, the First Nations group owns the money and they are not accountable to taxpayers, because the money is theirs. Dear left: you can't have it both ways.
The left can't stand accountability except to hypocritically expose others; what a watered down use of the term. Accountability demands personal responsibility, ownership and consequences to bad choices and rewards/promotion to good choices.  These yucky 'corperate' traits are what the left taxes the s*#% out of Canadians to flee from.
With socialism in action you get: an oligarchy that screws people into a life of utter dependence of scraps from the meal table.  Dang, that sounds like a good definition, nah…too accurate.
Too bad the socialists are experts in emotional outbursts and generally seem unable to logically debate these points. That means this joke of a system will continue to ruin people’s lives unless others will stand up and say something without fear. (Enter Ezra, thanks!)
I am so fed up with working my butt off to support a cultural mindset of entitlement with my tax dollars.  I’m only 32 years old.  How the heck to you older people cope with this garbage?

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