Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It Clearly Is Harpers Fault. Clearly.

"...After leading Canada into the worst recession of this generation Conservatives have an another economic downturn on their hands..."
Just in case you are too slow of mind to have known, please allow the genius NDP to enlighten you.
The Conservatives led us into recession by:
-Conspiring to have international banks and lenders make bad loans
-Created overnight lending terror that caused the LIBOR rate to skyrocket
-Led AIG into almost a 100billion dollar collapse
-Instructed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make terrible decisions as to who they are loaning money to
-Forced Europe to overspend, over borrow and run out of money
-Persuaded the US to make a 750 billion bailout so they could jack their debt levels to 'stimulate' the economy
-Were the 'leaders' behind the near total collapse of confidence in a non liquid financial market.
Did you know that the Conservatives led us (and therefore the world) into the 08' recession?  If you did not know that, well, now you do.  Once again, we can lean in on the NDP to completely deny emotion and only focus on logic and facts.
Quite frankly, I did not know Canada and it's conservative leaders had such an influence to cause all this havoc whereby the NDP would be justified in claiming they led us into the recession.  But hey, we learn something new everyday.
I am glad the NDP support base is so smart that they can understand the clear and logical connection between the truth of the NDP's claim and the evil powers our conservatives have over the world economy.
I stand with the NDP in ignoring the 'slanted and bias' bankers and economists who claim Canada fared very well against the rest of the world.  We want facts, not economic data! 
(It was not the harsh free market that hurt the poor and middle was Harper.  When you understand the government is your provider and not the free market, you will be set free.  It's Harper attacking the poor because he is responsible for them.  Failure to respond to your responsibility is an attack.  Do you see how logical the NDP are?) 

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  1. dont forget that harper is also responsible for manipulating LIBOR and he even did it using the British Chancellory of the Ex Chequer!!!!!! the man is a diabolical genius.

    brad maynard
    PS i now feel like an ass thinking you were an NDP supporter from your recent column. many pardons maestro.


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