Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Liberty Lovers Embarrass Left Wing Control Freaks

Rahm Emanuel: “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values”.

It seems like Chicago alderman Joe Moreno is (was) trying to block expansion of the company. Not good when you live in 'the land of liberty' Joe.

Seems like the terrible political comments and actions did not have the impact they intended. Sometimes it's best for liberty crushing left wing politicians to simply say nothing.

The absurd and embarrassing hypocrisy of "I will not tolerate you because you do not tolerate a particular viewpoint I hold" appears to be losing its appeal as more and more people begin to actually think through issues.  I find it most ironic that several people  who support as moral the homosexual lifestyle on the basis of "loving others" are some of the most angry, bitter people when it comes to loving those they disagree with.
Case in point (a commenter writes): f%$# Chik-fil-A and f%$# religion if it condones exclusion. There is no room for intolerance in this world anymore. And f%$# your guidelines. I'll say what's on my mind and in my heart. 

I think that commenter's actions were very exclusionary. He excluded me from the "I will respect you" category. He excluded others from "being in a swear free environment" by forcing his agenda (swearing, hatred) on others; contrary to my request.  His own words condemn his posture of tolerance. He did not tolerate those he disagreed with.
As another commenter astutely pointed out: tolerance is a one way street.

Here's an experiment:

Put your hand up if you read any intelligent defence on the subject of blocking Chick-fil-A from entry to a city for an executive holding a controversial opinion. None to hardly any, I bet. Now, if you are following this story, I am sure you viewed LOADS of complaints and accusations against this company (intolerant, bigoted etc).

I challenge the left to make an argument, not an emotional attack. Until then, enjoy the results of their failed attempts to squash liberty:

And we thought Tim Horton's was bad for a line up!

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