Saturday, 9 February 2013

Nova Scotia, Blackberry And A Dash Of Honesty

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter is giving $10 to BlackBerry in exchange for the promise of 400 jobs in the province. This comes just two weeks after BlackBerry's launch of BlackBerry 10 and a new line of phones.

Nova Scotia government invests $10-million in BlackBerry jobs

On Thursday, Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter announced that the province would be investing $10-million in BlackBerry — formerly Research In Motion Ltd. — as part of a promise to employ 400 workers in the province.

BlackBerry plans to employe at least 400 people annually with an average salary of at least $60,000,

“These partnerships help to foster innovation and support BlackBerry’s competitiveness on a global scale,” Mr. MacLeod said.

With the government rescue, the following messages are being spoken to the 400 employees of Blackberry:

1.      Your job does not exist because you are generating wealth; it exists because the government wrote a cheque on your behalf.

2.      Your skills and abilities are insufficient to keep your job: if you want proof, turn down the $10 million.

3.      Blackberry did not want you…until the government paid them to want you.

4.      You are not ‘worth’ what Blackberry pays you. The government is hiding this by propping up your employment and wage.

5.      Your hard work will not advance you; the government will.

6.      You did not earn your keep. You were given your keep. If I am wrong, then say ‘no’ to the $10 million with a collective response, “Thanks, but no thanks…we can make it on our own.”

7.      Your employer is actually the taxpayer, masqueraded by a Blackberry logo.

8.      Partnership” between the Nova Scotia government and Blackberry literally means $10 million wired from the governments bank, to Blackberry’s, resulting in an “offset” for the deficiency of productivity pertaining to each employee’s existence. (Daddy bought your car and paid for your school…how ‘accomplished’ do you feel?)

9.      To keep your moral high, we lied to you and ‘played pretend’ that you are increasing global competitiveness. To prove this is true, simply forgo the $10 million and see how much you increase global competitiveness.

10.  As long as supply/demand is not a factor and government cheques flow, your job is safe…but worry not, should Blackberry not sustain you...the government will find another suitor. For its reach is broad and heart ever so big.  Trust in the government, not yourself.


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