Saturday, 14 November 2015

Where's Waldo Redux : ISIS style

Can you spot him? If so, I'm mega glad. Imagine playing this game in real life where hats cannot tip you off. You are with your kids at market along with thousands upon thousands of other innocents; you got 20 seconds to find him.  If you fail...we don't go "oh well" then turn to the next page.  Kaboom! You are either blown up, slit, raped (then shot) or hung. You just lost Where's ISIS. Not too fun. If you are wondering how Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan (among others) became a bankrupt Islamist-controlled murderous hell hole, that is beyond the scope of this entry.  If you are disheartened with PARIS and other places where radical Islam is spreading with horrid consequence, then I urge you to take another look at political correctness and it's unintended consequences. 

We think we are champions of compassion...until our own are blown up.

Quite often when we place weight on one concept, we remove it from another.  Obama heralding the weakening of ISIS just hours before PARIS is a Chamberlin style oops (lower on the gigantic dopey scale...but still there) where we focus and argue for a desire; not reality or facts. Chamberlin, like Obama want peace and will look like complete fools to get it.  Political correctness is their weapon  of selection and the political elite use it to their embarrassment and the people's tragedy.

 "I have returned from Germany with peace for our time." 

Trudeau knows the following:
1. ISIS has vowed to mix in with Syrian refugees for the purpose of waging war on the target country.
2. ISIS has been linked to PARIS and other attacks
3. ISIS has threatened Canada
Will Trudeau be our Chamberlin? Will he stop the fighter jet's attacks on ISIS and then blitzkrieg 25000 refuges in, all before Christmas?  If so, please understand he has tipped the scales against protecting our boards in favor of a teeny-bopper intellectual level argument towards political correctness that fashions in ISIS without any salute of duty towards the first order of business: protecting our boarders. Anticipating he and his family is well sheltered from the consequences of his decisions, we the people are left to play Where's ISIS except without the book.

Reflection item:
-- For the love of God and humanity in peril; please call out the damage of political correctness
 (If this entry resonates, would you share this as a Hail Mary attempt to help others abandon their persistence of tomfoolery in thought?)


  1. Canadian Imam advocates for alliance with First Nations, islamization of society and Caliphate

    Posted by: Jonathan D. Halevi November 12, 2015

    The website. " offers a lot of info about Justin Trudeau as well e.g.,

    Toronto Imam who urges the spread of Islam to every home in Canada congratulates new PM Justin Trudeau

    Posted by: Jonathan D. Halevi November 4, 2015

  2. old white guy says...........embracing any followers of islam is pure folly. the Koran is their bible and they are required to do the following, convert, kill, or enslave you. If Canadians are unwilling to read the Koran and understand the danger they are accepting, then we will experience jihad just as Paris has.

  3. So do you propose that we tell all of the innocent and peaceful people in Syria that they should be forced to stay there and be killed, because we don't want to take the chance that something bad could happen to us if we help them? Doesn't sound very compassionate or christ like to me.

    1. I propose letting them kill themselves in their own countries. No exceptions. If we cannot accept Christian refugees from these countries then Islamic refugees are not welcome. The Christians don't want to kill non-believers the muslims do.

  4. @Unknown. Why aren't all those 20-30 Syrians fighting for their homeland, instead of running like liberal weenies?
    If you are so gosh darned compassionate, you can put up some of these men in your home and take care of them, instead of expecting the rest of the country to pick up the tab.

    Extremely Extreme Extremist


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