Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Exclusive Interview! Breaking (Local) News!

Ryan Jantzi interviews Deputy Whip of the Conservative Party MP Harold Albrecht for his Compassion in Action Blog

Please comment and let's get a good debate going here!


  1. Harold is our MP in Woolwich and he is doing a great job for the community, family and government. Thank you for sharing this interview!

  2. Hi Ryan, I've been following your blog for a little while now, keep up the great posts.

    Great idea to interview an MP, and kudos to Mr. Albrecht for taking the time to meet with you and answer your questions!

    1. I agree with Mr. Albrechts thoughts on minimum wage increases, but I wonder what his position would be in removing minimum wage. It seems like a gross violation of freedoms to prevent two people from agreeing to a fair wage on their own.

    2. I thought your third question was interesting, you asked something like how would the conservatives manage expectations if the majority of Canadians expect spending on social programs.

    I would like to hear more from Mr. Albrecht about his answer, I think he basically said "balance", which isn't much of an answer.

    Its a tough question, because everyone wants social programs I imagine.

    3. You asked about better getting the message about conservative principles out. I think this is a key question, and I don't have a good answer.

    I commented to you before that its somewhat like trying to convince someone not to eat junk food when it tastes so good :)

    I like Mr. Albrecht's point about the conservative's track record of lowering taxes, please keep that up!

    Promising lower taxes might be a good motivator. Also, a friend suggested this to me recently, what it people had to pay taxes at the end of their year (rather than having it garnished), which would make them *feel* the pain of parting with their hard earned $ quite literally.

  3. Ryan and Alex - great responses, the suggestion of paying taxes at the end of the year (Alex) is an intriguing one, yes parting with such an enormous amount of cash would encourage most to see the effect of their gov't in action, however, most Canucks have not been taught how to properly handle finances - it is usual to have more 'month than money' - the gov't would never get the taxes it required at the end of the year because of this gross mismanagement by the populace...on the flip side
    this nationwide problem could be easily solved by teaching kids how to manage their pennies in elementary school - while fostering a greater sense of personal responsibility within the masses!
    The other thing I'm hearing in your responses is why should the gov't organize these social programs on behalf of the people? The suggestion of giving the people their money 'back' so that they can use it (within their communities) as they see fit in order to tackle social ills and also develop talent etc., is a bold one.
    Great ideas.

  4. Great points Cecile.

    I agree collecting taxes at the end of the year would cause some pain.. but that would be a good thing I think :)

    You are probably right that have not been taught how to properly handle finances.. but that raises two important questions:

    1. Should they not take some responsibility and learn it?

    2. They were educated by the public school system, so what does that say about how good a system it is or how much the government helps its people?

    One could argue they were forced to use the public school system (e.g. you have to go to school, your taxes pay for it making it harder to use a private school).

  5. Ontario's public education system is actually ranked #2 in the world. Public education is necessary to live in a society with equal opportunity for all. Too bad if it make sit more difficult to use a private school - the thought of living in a society without public education is scarier.


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