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Please refer this blog to as many people as possible.  We are in serious times and I feel these entries provide solid arguments to maintain a free market and our way of life.
Thank you for reading, your support has been overwhelming.

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  1. Very well said. I totally agree and I will be voting Monday and it won't be for Jack Layton!!!! I hope lots of people watch this.

  2. Great video Ryan.

    Your story is inspiring. Great description of the NDP, identifying the problem, pointing at the problem (the free market), and then taxing to solve it.

    Unfortunately I imagine most people are not like you, do not work until 3am, and would not sell their house in your situation.

  3. A "government makes themselves responsible for the people's problem" - yes! That is what they are there for - representation, problem-solving and leadership. We should "partner and invest in people" - yes! As a country we should take care of each other - make policies to make this a reality. We should "vote the way we teach our children" - yes! Morality. The NDP "objective is to create a world of fairness" - heaven forbid! I don't usually vote NDP, but it is sounding better all of the time. Tina

  4. Working double shifts, no sleep etc. is normal for many - not just to get over a difficult time. However, usually there is no end in sight and it has nothing to do with not working hard enough. Lucky for this blogger to have the good fortune to be born into a family with the means to help, a family without major disfunction, to be able-bodied and minded, to be white and male with support and opportunity. Working in the public sector, I can tell you that this is not the norm. Public programs offer support for those less fortunate. How blessed are we to live in a country with political platforms that take into account those in need.

  5. Tina,
    You are the first person to disagree with some of my comments; re fairness, NDP sounding good.
    I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.
    Kind Regards,

  6. Here is a blog you should also check out

  7. It is ignorant to assume that the poor are irresponsible. I don’t think any of these people are wearing feed me shirts

  8. I don't believe the poor need to be saddled with the incentive destroying programs of welfare and ui.There is a better way and its called the fair tax.It is the only way that supports the poor albeit to a basic level without harming saving,investment and growth.

  9. Well said Ryan. Government should be the last resort, not the first, when it comes to providing help. They have, in most cases, usurped the proper role of voluntary organizations, betraying the principles of subsidiarity, properly understood:

    "This tenet holds that nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization which can be done as well by a smaller and simpler organization. In other words, any activity which can be performed by a more decentralized entity should be. This principle is a bulwark of limited government and personal freedom. It conflicts with the passion for centralization and bureaucracy characteristic of the Welfare State."


  10. Tina, with all due respect, I think you missed the point (though I give you full marks for mentioning race, class and gender, the holy trinity of modern western socialism). The "fairness" that the NDP want is the socialist "fairness", not fairness in any real sense: in their utopia, everybody is guaranteed the same outcome, regardless of ability, effort, wisdom or productiveness. That you're paid with tax dollars and not by willing customers might shield you from the wonderful idea of a meritocracy, but if doctors are paid the same thing as cab drivers, all the smartest doctors will be driving cabs (see: Cuba). If people took more personal responsibility for their own choices, we'd all be better off.

  11. This is an absolutely fantastic speech. Well done indeed.
    If Jack 'John' Layton becomes PM either through the front door or the back door, it will have very dire consequences for Canada. I think Alberta will have a very very severe reaction.

  12. Well done Ryan, keep up the good work.


  13. All governments, including the Conservatives, have helped those in dire distress. Don't worry, the social safety net will continue regardless of the Party that wins tomorrow as it has for decades.

    Let's look at reality though. Alberta's energy sector provides thousands of high paying jobs to Canadians from across the country. Plane loads of men and women fly in from towns and villages in Newfoundland and elsewhere to spend their two/three week shift in the Alberta oilsands, then fly back for two weeks with their families only to go through the cycle again.

    The energy sector also provides the tax revenue that is sent through transfer payments away from Alberta to eastern Canada.

    Every year Alberta sends $35.6 billion to the Federal Government. From that she receives $21.5 billion back to provide social programs. That means that $14.1 billion or $3,685 for every Alberta man, woman and child is sent to augment the social programs of other provinces, especially Quebec and the maritime provinces, that need this money.

    Have you heard a great uproar against these transfer payments from Albertans? Have we complained that we want to keep the money we've earned. No or, at least, not yet.

    Every Canadian benefits from the energy sector. Yet this sector and others will be threatened by Jack Layton's proposed policies of increased taxes and a cap and trade system he plans to introduce. These are simplistic solutions that will jeopardise the very real benefit all Canadians get now.

    Canada weathered the recession better than all western countries with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives at the helm. The US economy is still tanking. It's real estate market is a mess. Thousands have lost their homes. Compare that to Canada. Yes we've had stresses but they've been mild compared to our neighbours to the south.

    PM Harper has worked hard to get free trade deals with India and South America in order to open up new markets for Canadian products as the American economy laguishes. This will preserve Canadian jobs

    Do we want to jeopardise the progress we've made by unthinkingly switching gears to a party most of us haven't given one thought to and most of us know very little about.

    For the reasons I've mentioned above, I ask for clearer heads to prevail. How we feel emotionally about the various leaders has very little to do with who we should vote for. It's results and future policy plans that should be the deciding factor. THat's why I'm voting for the Conservative Party of Canada. Please, if you haven't already please join me.

    An Alberta Wild Rose

  14. “What transformed the world of horse-drawn carriages, sailing ships, and windmills step by step into the world of airplanes and electronics, is the principle of private property and governments leaving people alone…”
    Ludwig von Mises

  15. I'm most impressed, Ryan, both with the substance and delivery of your message. You're preaching to the converted here but I've sent this far and wide. I hope it helps us all. Wayne

  16. Taylor,
    I did not miss the point - I disagree with it. NDP fairness does not mean a guaranteed outcome. I would be interested in knowing your source on this claim. Your insinuation that I am in any way shielded or misinformed because of the way I earn a living is ridiculous. I agree that people should take responsibility for their choices but who chooses to be homeless? Who chooses to be abused? Who chooses to be laid off? Who chooses to be disabled? “Manufactured” fairness means giving help to those who need it so that everyone has the same opportunity for success. This is the purpose of public education, public health care and social services. If this help comes from the public purse - so be it. We all benefit from living in a country where all people regardless of RACE, CLASS and GENDER are valued and supported. As a willing customer, I would pay for that!

  17. From a recent letter to a friend:

    ...what, one ought to ask oneself, are these Canadian values he is supposedly against? He is a family man, a good man free of the taint of scandal as far as I know, fiscally and personally conservative in his ways. So why the shrieks of outrage when he took office? Why the vilification and opprobrium - which not one person has ever taken the time to explain to my satisfaction? Why a coalition between the LPC, NDP, and Bloc, the unlikeliest of bedfellows, formed with the express purpose of removing him from office?

    I think I know why: because he's a Westerner and not part of the old-boy political establishment - plain and simple. A damnable Prairie upstart - a knuckle-dragger, a mouth-breather, a gun-nut far-right looney-tunes Fundamentalist. Okay then, what sort of person makes those ad hominems, whether they are Larry Lunchbucket, a 19-year old bullhorn-shrieking anarchist, or card-carrying Liberal Party power brokers like Warren Kinsella?

    I think I know: the radical-wannabe, the person who still harbors some fondness for the idea of the outlaw, the badass, the druggie, the angry young man in all of us. But then we ought to ask ourselves one more simple question: is that suspended adolescent who is pissed off at the whole world ("Whaddaya got?") in all (or so very many anyway) of us the side of us we want to pick to form our government? Are those the values we want to support and perpetuate - the values that gave us a judicial system that decided under Trudeau (and duly recorded in Hansard) to stop focusing on protection of the public and start focusing on rehabilitation? The values that have allowed child murderers to walk out on day parole within a few years of conviction?

    I see the CPC as the one party that has been elected in my life that doesn't have an overwhelming odor of fiddling while Rome burns about it. I see them as the one party that has never ridden into power by promising special-interest groups - whether they be ethnic minorities, immigrants, drug addicts, angry young students, union workers or what have you - advantages and privileges they haven't earned and that most of us never dare dream of. Instead, they seem to me mature and reasonable and thoughtful - attributes I would never accuse the opposition parties of.

    I also don't believe for an instant the LPC or NDP (never mind the Bloc!) are more "compassionate" or more intelligent than the CPC, so that's ruled out. I just happen to share the CPC's values as I understand them. Family values maybe? - you see that phrase mocked mercilessly ever since it was coined, ever stopped to wonder why? I think the answer is that in the face of goodness, people of little to no good (and probably only relatively minor evil as well), feel compelled to draw attention away from their own suspect worth as human beings by mocking it.

  18. The Alberta Energy Sector:
    The Harper government has been instrumental in undermining clean energy efforts.
    The Alberta Tar Sands are the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and stand as the single greatest obstacle to Canada meeting its global climate change responsibilities.
    Producing a barrel of Tars Sand oil emits three times more greenhouse gases than producing a barrel of conventional oil, making Tar Sands oil some of the dirtiest on the planet.
    As one of the largest, most intact old-growth forests left on Earth, containing more carbon per hectare than any other ecosystem, the boreal forest provides ecosystem services that are globally important in mitigating climate change. The more forest disturbed for the Tar Sands, the more stored carbon released.
    In order to prevent catastrophic consequences from global warming, developed countries are required to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions to 25%-40% below 1990 levels by 2020. The Conservative federal government’s emissions plan calls for a reduction of 20% below 2006 levels by 2020, which is equivalent to an increase of 2% over 1990 levels.
    Environmental concerns:
    Industrial development of the scale of the Alberta Tar Sands could push the boreal ecosystem over its tipping point and lead to irreversible ecological damage and loss of biodiversity.
    About 90% of the water used to process the Tar Sands ends up in acutely toxic tailing ponds that line the Athabaska River and threaten the health of the whole river basin. For every barrel of oil extracted, six barrels of tailings are produced.
    According to a recent Environmental Defense report, the ponds are already leaking over 11 million litres a day of contaminated water into the environment.
    Health concerns:
    Downstream aboriginal populations are experiencing increased respiratory diseases, rare cancers and cardiovascular problems, suspected to be caused by toxic substances that have leached downstream from Tar Sands production.
    Oil contamination in the local watershed has led to arsenic in moose meat – a dietary staple for the First Nations peoples – up to 33 times acceptable levels. Game animals are being discovered with tumours and mutations.
    Deformed fish have been found in nearby Lake Athabaska and drinking water has been contaminated.
    In response to the climate change and energy aspects of the New Democratic Party Platform, Graham Saul, Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada has responded as follows:
    “The NDP have released a Platform that would be a good ‘first step’ in promoting clean energy jobs and fighting climate change.
    Positive dimensions of the Platform include a proposal for a cap and trade system, with absolute limits on greenhouse gas emissions from big industrial polluters with revenues going towards clean energy initiatives across the country. The Platform commits to supporting communities both in Canada and developing countries who are already dealing with the impacts of climate change, as well as ensuring that Canada would play a leadership role in international climate change negotiations.
    The Platform promises to re-introduce and adopt the Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311), which was Canada’s most ambitious piece of climate change legislation prior to being killed in an unprecedented vote by Conservative senators before it was even debated. This occurred after the bill had been passed by the majority of Members of Parliament in the House of Commons.”

  19. Free Trade deals with developing nations come at a cost; often to the infrastructure, and human dignity of those who toil in the developing world. The Conservatives have failed on far too many ethical fronts to deserve the right to rule with a majority. The purchase of the fighter jets and the changing landscape of our military philosophy has gone unchallenged. I want a change; and I believe that Jack Layton deserves a chance

  20. "I see them as the one party that has never ridden into power by promising special-interest groups - whether they be ethnic minorities, immigrants, drug addicts, angry young students, union workers or what have you - advantages and privileges they haven't earned and that most of us never dare dream of."
    Drug addicts and minorities in the same category?
    Union workers a special interest group? What unearned advantages and privileges are you referring to? A clarification would be helpful. Facts?

  21. I was undecided before reading this blog. People who have posted here have pointed out some issues that have made me think - thanks. NDP for the win (or at least a minority government)!

  22. Last thing - Check out another perspective. Make sure you know what you are voting for.


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