Monday, 8 August 2011

Employers Resolve

Hello! I currently employ 35 hard working individuals. At age 31 with 11 years experience I am both humbled and honored to passionately pursue excellence thus positioning our business and employees for success and growth.  The US long term debt downgrade, falling stocks and economic uncertainty have 'jolted' the ease at which I approach business.  My unfortunate tendency is to lose sleep and think endlessly about the impact of global equities on the world economy and specifically the Ontario manufacturing industry, of which we are a part of.  Furthermore, I lean towards dwelling on politics and how foolish the debt craving, program growing, responsibility bucking politicians are.  My emotions and thoughts have culminated to some mini apex where I internally shouted, "oh no, not another recession!".  At that moment I sized and arrested my emotions and declared, "I will not be moved by fear!"  "I am not moved by fear of the markets, fear with economic uncertainty or fear of anything unknown!". 

I hereby resolve:
1. To be an employer who declares good promise and prospects for our business, sales and employees.
2. To act in accordance with this 'posture' such that observers see we acknowledge the variables of the circumstances, but are not powerless slaves to them: that indeed success will peruse us as we pursue excellence in humility.
3. To be a leader who is open to learning, thinking and executing on sound business principals
4. To reject fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and replace it with an aggressive attitude of excitement for the incredible culture and foundation we have built over the last 11 years AND the prospects I see for the future.

I see incredible growth, opportunity and most importantly a true understanding of real success. For I have been blessed to learn that my success is not defined by money, number of employees, businesses or anything that is typically measured externally.  I herald that real success is measured by my attitude and character.
I further resolve to commit to improving my attitude as I learn to respond to matters in a more mature way.  I desire to posture my mind towards continually building my character: for the benefit of first my family and also friends and co-workers.  Through this commitment to growth I declare promise and good things for my business. I render the 'potential recession' unwelcome and passé.  I subdue negative economic reports as 'not the final answer'.  I express confidence in not only my commitment for growth, but also our dedicated managers and employees: we will overcome.  I believe good news is also contagious...I hope today, that is what I spread.  Have a focused week: determined to look ahead.

My wife and partner in my journey


  1. good for you. my business on the other hand was hurt badly during '08 (my field is automotive) which plunged me into debt just to put food on the table which i have not been able to pay off yet. for me its not panic, but reality that when '08 happens again, i will not survive this one.
    hope it works out well for you.

  2. as a former business owner i have one thing to say. all governments will screw you every time they can. never be surprised at their actions. i was forced out by constantly increasing taxes at every level of government. you can only pay so much and remain profitable. i closed and thanked those who worked for me. unfortunately there were zero dollars left for severance pay.

  3. Here's hoping you can sustain your vision. All my clients are showing seriously lower sales during the last 12 months, even though our area is supposed to be doing 'well'. I have seen a few layoffs, but more clients not replacing leaving workers.

  4. I'm also in the manufacturing industry, but it's at times like this that I'm glad I'm in the relatively stable food sector.

    Good luck to you, your family, and your business.

  5. Don't know what your business but I would support it if I could.


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