Thursday, 11 August 2011

Step Aside Chris Christe! We Have A New Cat In Town!

A warm hero's welcome to the man of this age: Jim Flaherty! In a jaw dropping article, Mr. Flaherty took responsibility for the economic problems being created by access debt and called for the governments to get their 's' together (s is for spending...get their spending together).

Canada's finance minister pledged on Wednesday to stick to his strict budget deficit reduction plans and urged other major countries to do the same, saying the current market turmoil was caused by excess debt.
"This is a government problem. Governments have to get their fiscal houses in order," Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters.
There may be 'short term pain' because we do not have a nanny state propping select industry and down-trodden people up. Fair enough. Live with it. Get over it: it's fake economic stimulus anyways. The foundation of lower debt and lower government intervention is exactly what Canada needs. The 'left' should pull up their socks and personally give to the charities their hearts cry out to support...enough of debt and hard working Canadians paying the way for every need.

This is a real wake up call to all people: we need to define the jurisdiction of the government and demand them to operate within that zone.  We gave the government loads of opportunity to go's time we took a page out of Will Smith's movie Hitch and DEMAND the government stay within it's zone.

Our message to government on their train-wreck spending: "Don't ever do that again!" (thanks Will)
With the new style of government, operating within it's boundaries, we the people define the roles of our politicians.  We are creatively taught by Will Smith  to say, "This is where you live, right here!"

If Will can tell some un-coordinated fat guy his boundaries, we can tell the government theirs.  We must open our mouths and speak!

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  1. Jim Planning for the best of all circumstances Flaherty is no Chris Christe.
    Nor is his debt reduction plan creditable.


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