Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hey Canada, Step Up And Take Your Place As An Economic World Leader!

 After an interesting and straightforward analysis of various economic statistics, 2 clear winners have emerged: Hong Kong and Australia.  Please Canada, shift the emphasis of how we view compassion from, "give our money to the government and let them disburse it for us" to, "let me keep my money and give as I see fit".  This shift in philosophy will shrink government, forcing people to build relationships where responding to needs is common place (Canadians are generous people...give us more of our money to be generous with). 

My basic premise is: let me own my property, and the fruit of my labour.  Taxes should be minimal (yes, Hong Kong minimal). Freedom within the context of rule of law should be our aim.  This will result in a freer economy.  This will enable increased productivity, greater aggregate earnings of all income groups, stronger trade laws, less litigation, true innovation, simplified government functions and therefore increased personal wealth.  The lower tax rates, in conjunction with the free economy will result in greater government revenues, which in combination with lower government spending will clearly have a significant positive affect on our national debt and further strengthen our credit rating. When low debt and strong credit ratings under gird your economy, weathering economic storms becomes much easier: i.e a Conservative government would NEVER be caught with it's pants down on a 50Billion whoops-deficit.

For your interest, here is comparison:
                                                (Cooperate)  (Personal)      (Economic)    (As % of GDP)    (As % of GDP)     (loss of dollar's value)
                        Debt-GDP  Tax Rate  Tax Rate  Growth  Tax Burden   Gov Expense  Inflation
Canada               84%          32%        0-53%         3%          32.2                   39.7                  1.6   
Hong Kong         18%          16.5%     0-15%         6.8%       13                      8.6                    2.9
Australia            26.6           30%        0-45%         2.7%       30.8                  34.3                 4.5

Canada is healthy, relative to the world standards.  However, if Wayne Gretzky would have scored 50 points in the mid 80's, everybody would have asked 'what went wrong, why such a low point output against his potential?'  Likewise, if I would have scored 1 goal in the mid 80's I would be viewed as a champion of champions.  My point is simple: we should compare against our potential, not against results that out-perform many others, yet fall beneath our potential. Gretzky's 50 points would have outperformed many in the NHL, yet underperformed to his expected potential.  My assessment is that Canada has been given a pass on this subject.  We measure ourselves against the world around us and feel good.  We do not debate the fundamental principles which enables us to squander vast resources via massive government spending, programs, initiatives and red tape.  This is a shameful reality (CBC should lose all 'news' status).  Canada, we scored 50 points, but our potential was 175points!  With our resources, talent and free enterprise market, we should outperform the Aussies and rival Hong Kong!  Why not and says who?  A Conservative Majority should act like one.  We need continued tax relief, stronger property rights and less government.  I see the day when the government will practice such and we will zoom ahead on the world standing...once achieved, real compassion will dominate by having more to give.  To my left wing friends...our bodies were not made to horde, just like fridges were not made to cool molten lava...we were designed to function a certain way, and giving generously is how we were made. Conservatives, wake thee from thy slumber and act!

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