Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Increased Taxes and Increased Unemployment: Who Knew?

Despite a record amount of Americans in poverty, Obama continues to beat the drum of higher taxes on those 'who can afford it'.  The change towards a Canadian/European style nanny state is something I believe in, Mr. Obama: but not agree with.  Incredible personal and government debt + higher taxes + increased government spending continues drag your economy down!  Taxing the rich hurts the poor, as I indicated some time ago in a previous blog entry.  It is sad this simple reality has to be exposed via real life stats with 46 million Americans living in poverty: the highest the census has recorded since it's inception 50 years ago.

The message is simple: left leaning policy does not work.  It's not 'kinda good'. It's not 'well, if it was ever used correctly, then it would be effective'.  It is inherently destructive to wealth, and therefore, the rich gets taxed and the poor stay poor due to left leaning principals taking their affect.  We were built to create and take ownership.  Attacking those axiomatic basic realities does exactly what we see: people of all income groups alienated, in the name of 'compassion' or worse yet; fairness.

I warn you America (as if they will take heed...if they won't take heed to 14 trillion of debt, a credit downgrade, then how will I fit in?), your path will lead to your bankruptcy.  Do we need the US to become another Greece?  PLEASE Mr. Obama, it's better to take heed then the fat of rams...

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