Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Let's move past the belligerent surface of Congress and the sitting President and for a moment consider the actual health of the US economy in practical terms. The picture tells a 1000 words.  How could any normal thinking human question the downgrade of US credit? No, really...how?  Take the comparable family budget above to the bank, and how much do you think they will loan you?  Running a business this way will lead to a massive drain of cash...or for most of us, bankruptcy.  Yet the championed budget cutbacks represent only a fraction of what is required to get their financial house in order.

Speaking of financial houses not being in order, Ontario's debt currently stands at 200+ billion: STUPID

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan released updated deficit figures on Monday.
Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan

Bone-headed comment of the month award: Mr. Dwight Duncan, "
"I've not got solid numbers upon which I can make those predictions right now (when the deficit will end), and frankly, having been finance minister through 2008 and 2009 I've learned perhaps better than most how volatile revenues can be," the minister told reporters at Queen's Park.
It's your job to know.  It's your job to anticipate budget shortfalls Mr. Duncan.  I've not got my thinking cap on, but I can still figure out your performance is not good enough to get you re-elected (not withstanding voters less educated then you rallying behind your foolishness...after all, you got there in the first place).

We need somebody who does not turn into a train-wreck at the sounds of 'budget shortfall'.  The quote should have gone, "I have created 3 scenarios for eliminating the deficit based on cuts and revenue fluctuations.  I look forward to debating these items to move our province forward".  Simplifying seemingly complex political matters is difficult for politicians.  Keep your job simple: take responsibility and get your financial house in order. Check your excuses and ego at the door.  Acting stupidly is the only reasonable explanation for some of these decisions we are seeing from today's politicians. What the Federal US and Ontario politicians need is a little jolt of reality. 

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