Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Tic Tic Tic...."Ka-Boom": Time Is Running Out On Greece And Friends

I hope that Canadians are waking up to the world around them seeing what a European style tax and spend government would really do.

With Greece now discussing how they will have an orderly default--there's an oxymoron, and Eruo banks soon sticking their hands out (again) for more taxpayer money, they have a system of government debt under girded by the support of the over-leveraged lending markets.  With the banks all but insolvent, bond payments coming due and oops, no cash to pay, the Euro is simply scrambling to exist. I think the quasi-socialist utopia the Greeks and other Countries (Spain, Portugal et. al) were mindlessly building towards are now crumbling from within: to the chagrin of the people.

The message is clear: you need sound economic principles under girding a free market...the boring drum Harper has been beating for years is finally resounding in the hearts and minds of Canadians.
You see, it's easy to 'hate' Conservatism when all your commodities are selling at record levels putting billions into the coffers of governments for program spending...after all, they are leaving behind the poor unless the Conservatives spend it all.  It's quite another story for the Conservatives to not only be Conservatives, but be loved as Conservatives during tough times. 

The Conservative values work in the tough times (lower spending, logical and limited regulation, promote business and free market, limited government), but also the good times. 

Conversely, the values of left policy creates policies that implode when times get tough...i.e either the governments will continue its ridiculous spending until default, or they will cut back and there will be riots in the streets because of the embedded culture of entitlement in their people.  Left leaning policy is an unsustainable way to grow an economy.  Capital from Profit via sound economic and free policy is the best way to run our economy.  My hope is that Canadians understand the values they now support work well in good times and bad.


  1. Why are the Conservatives paying Deloitte 19.8 MILLION to advise cabinet on how to balance the books by 2014? This contract runs until March 31 according to the Globe and Mail . Do you agree with this? Will the taxpayer be responsible for this expense?

  2. Thanks for the comment Anonym.
    Couple thoughts:
    1. don't know the inn's and outs of the deal
    2. In principle, was the contract tendered in a fair way? Or was it somebody's buddy that know's somebody?
    3. It's cool that the Gov. recognizes they suck and to get a job done, the private sector is needed.
    4. In principle, it's likely that the Gov. would have wasted millions more trying to do the same job as we all know the gov. is less efficient then private sector
    5. I can't say for sure if the expense is valid or not...i.e did the gov even need to sub this out?
    6. As a business owner who believes in transparency, I hope work paid and work done are clear with billing...typically these things run wild
    So, i can't say if i agree or not as i do not know the whole story...hope this helps.


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