Monday, 19 September 2011

When Truth Fails: Run with "Agenda"

To all the crusaders for love, justice and mercy here on planet green, to my environmental zealots who love objectivity and truth, please consider the following:

Check out: C3 Headlines
Here's a small sample:
1955: 51 Los Angeles Residents Die from Heat Wave
1955: Europeans Suffer from Long Heat Wave - 70 Die
1955: 25 Million Indians & Pakistanis Lose Their Homes to Floods
1956: 400,000 Square Miles of Australia Threatened by Floods
1956: "Moisture Conditions Are the Worst in Recorded History"
1956: South Pole Iceberg Sighted that Is 3X the Size of Manhattan Island
1956: 30% of US Has Extreme Drought Conditions
1956: 150 Forest Fires Plague New Mexico & Arizona
1957: "Worst Heat Wave in 100 Years" Scorches Argentina
1957: Arctic Heat Wave Has Russian Scientists Sunbathing; Polar Thunderstorm

A 500+ million dollar governemnt 'whoops'.
 Obama blow's 1/2 billion on a solar company with bad loans and McGuinty attacks the free market and props up a loser solar company, so:

What do McGuinty and Obma have in common? 
They both love the environment--to death.

Saddle up and get ready for a ride, with Hudak blowing his lead (to McGuinty!?!...that's like losing a darts game to a blind-folded monkey) and Obama justifying his bad loans, we have a north south brotherhood that is furiously writing worship songs praising the earth...passing the songs into law with your tax dollars. That does not have a nice ring to any sense.

Perhaps a bit of irony would lessen the angst from "Team Solar Earth" (Obama-Mcguinty) imposing economy crushing 'investments'. Perhaps any small moral victory coming from Hudaks lagging polling numbers will give us some solace (not to be confused with solar). With all "Team Solar Earth's" verbal diarrhea and agenda imposing hog wash, we the people should petition for "Team Solar Earth" to get an Environmental Certificate for their Noise Pollution; at least then, there would be a ring of truth to this maddening Environmental debate.

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