Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Quick Point, On Point.

Ya Ya, Mr. Auditor General, it can't be more clear: government's overweight and short sighted.  On my blog site, there are mixed reviews when I criticize our Conservative government.  Thankfully, John Wiersema pointed out all the obvious blunders of our imperialist conquers...he's the bad guy. 

Or is he?  I think he is doing us a favor by pointing out the obvious.  We all know when the government has a billion dollars to 'stimulate the economy' there is nothing but disaster left in the lurch.  No performance objectives were available to determine if results were achieved. More lost accountability.  It's actually not that difficult.  For my Aerospace Machine Shop we have to come up with 3 objectives that our company is trying to achieve and establish how our company is going to measure them (AS 9100C).  We then have to meet and review the results against our objectives to determine if we delivered on what we said.  In the real world, this is called 'accountability'.  Accountability is good because it typically finds holes in our game from which we improve our performance.  Why does government continue to fail with this simple principle?  This is our money being spent on our behalf.  The government must measure their results against the objectives and let the people determine all is well, right?  I do not appreciate being a conservative that seeeeems to continually point out the need for transparent accountability within government.  Conservatives should be big on personal responsibility and therefore must adhere to stringent standards of internally demanding results that line up with desired objectives.  Conservatives, we must walk the talk…especially when we call out others for not being people of 'personal respnosiblity'. 


  1. Where is the value for taxpayer money?

  2. i keep waiting for a conservative to show up in government. one who knows how to cut spending and taxes.


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