Monday, 21 November 2011

Yep, Massive Collapse Coming...

The geo-political problems are complex and systemic in nature.  When the stock markets move in sync with government decisions, bailouts, interest rates and printing of money, we know the tail is wagging the dog. The markets are flirting with government and central bank decisions to determine if stocks gain or lose: no good.  I trust the free market to run the free market, not government.  While many uneducated or miss-informed people argue for a 'balanced approach' of government and business playing in the free market sandbox, I shudder.  Listen, government choices has the world, what, 40+ trillion in debt, with entire economies now falling?  And what are the genius governments going to do? Well, so far, they are more involved in business, printing money, passing more regulatory laws and bailing out with more debt.  They are actually pouring gas on the fire thinking the day of reckoning will be pushed off until we can grow our way out of the problem.  Sadly, their lack of credibility is as obvious as the debts are large. 

There appears to be a fraction of the required humility to even begin the process of earning our way out of the worlds debt.  We are in trouble, brace yourself.  
I see a lack of global corporate earning power, predominantly  strangled by a quasi socialist theory that you can tax, borrow and spend (…pillage) the free market then dole out in endless "you deserve it" programs.  I am glad the nanny states are failing.  I am sad we did not realize this sooner.
There will be pain dear Canadians.  The 40+ trillion will break the worlds back…the question is when…and are you prepared?

I am not interested in debating 'did quasi-socialism' fail?  I am convinced it did.  Governments partner with its citizens through programs by partnering with business/earners through taxes and regulations.  The government as our partner has failed us.  The sooner we admit this and dramatically shrink our governments, the quicker the pain will come, and the quicker it will be over.  The more we deny reality and kick the debt-can down the road, the sharper the pain and the longer it will stay. 

Our freedoms should matter.  Our freedoms to take responsibility for our lives should be a priority to us.  Government running our lives via endless programs is an assault on our freedom to be responsible for our life.  We have given up our freedoms and handed them over to an incompetent government who has failed us.  Time to take our freedoms back, one program at a time, one tax break at a time.  The government will be the strongest when it is focused on our protection, not our livelihood.  Either we will take our freedoms back, or a collapse will hand them back.  Time for people to take responsibilities for their lives and not continue to latch off the "benevolent state".  This synapse connection in many people's brain may be hard to sever (hand goes out, government money via taxes goes in), but it is needed and required for us to function.  Before anyone suggests I lack compassion, please consider the following:
Self government is the cheapest and most effective way to govern: lets self govern.
Where self government fails particular people, a governing body protects its citizens from harm (crimes) via clear laws that are enforced.
The free market is designed to generate wealth.  It is not for 'generating wealth we hand over to the government to hand out to others'.
People within charities/faith groups are designed to show compassion to others.  Government, bow out and let faith groups and charities do their job.  It's not your job to do their job, so stop! 
When we recognize that each category has it's responsibilities and should stay within that framework, we can really focus on generating amazing results.
Governments have overstepped their bounds. If it is not obvious now, it will be when the debts are called and the firepower to borrow is shooting blanks..(that's the systemic crash part of pissed off bondholders and banks credit flow grinding to a halt...).

Do not stand idle and watch. Do not look to a leveraged, overspent, fat, lazy, incompetent government to 'hand you something'…for when this game blows up, you will be sorely disappointed. 

To end on a positive note, have a fantastic week!


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