Tuesday, 15 November 2011

You Are The Answer To Your 'Idiot' Boss...Nobody Else

Here's how to avoid being dumped on, regardless of your pecking order:

1.  Being a victim is (often) a choice.  I know, I know...it's really popular these days for all levels of government to create a "victim class" and then seek to prop up and protect the "poor helpless victim".  Where being a victim is a choice, choose not to be one!  Stand with confidence in your services and your ability to take them elsewhere should the boss have a problem and not be willing to look at it.

2. Let the free market be free.  If this pic explains your work situation, just tell yourself, "I am better than this!".  Then choose to go to a place that honors and respects you, or work with your boss to let her know the standards she must meet to retain your services.

3. Appeal to your boss and let him know that he may be right with his point, but he packages it with such garbage that it really devalues you.  As a boss, I know firsthand how easy it is to have good intentions and bad actions.  I try my hardest and sometimes still devalue others (never intentionally)...I dump weight and pressure on them.  I continually ask for feedback, and over time, am learning not to dump weight/crap on people, rather communicate the point and value the other person.  This is hard work!  I get lots of help on this.  Most bosses who dump weight like the top bird in the pic needs your help, not your frustration and certainly not your emotions of being a victim.  Help yourself, by offering to help your boss. 

4.  Recognize most bosses dump weight because they are functioning past their capacity and simply lack the skills to calmly and respectfully work through issues...so they demand compliance and results the best way they know how...sadly, often lacking in the focus of caring for input or valuing others.  I challenge you today to be your bosses solution.  Shrug off the ill treatment, get results and the next day, pass some feedback on.  Remember, you get paid to solve problems.  

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