Wednesday, 21 December 2011

"Damn The Poor!", Demands Inflation

Congratulations savers, you just lost 3% on your cash holdings!  Don't have savings? Struggling to make it by?  Tough luck, the money you do manage to acquire is worth 3% less then a year ago.

Here's a major problem.  Inflation destroys the value of our currency.  Cheap borrowing costs directly contributes to more lending and increased debt.  Since growth in the economy does not keep up to pace with the increase of debt, the printing of new money is the means by which we keep the game going...and inflation becomes our inevitable nemesis. 

Here's what we can do to curb inflation:
1. don't live a wild life of 'consumer consumption' based on consumer debt
2. pay off credit cards on time
3. pay off all other debts and live within our means
4. demand government stops insane amounts of spending (less borrowing = less debt = less printing of money = less dilution of currency = increased value of our dollar)
5. Take money from previously consumed items and invest in hard assets of real value

If done, our consumerism apatite won't be as 'fat and marry', but our money will be worth more, and we will have more of it.

This is simply 1 tool to help those struggling to make ends meet...this year, the help would have been to the tune of 3%.

I am passionately concerned with people who lack.  I try my best to help others (as I have been helped) to advance and move forward.  Because I believe government does a lousy job on something that is not their business, does not mean I am heartless and do not care.  It means I care differently then some.  Sometimes it's easy to look at a 600 word entry and generalise my points and take what I say out of context (i.e: every single entry I have done on poverty or minimum wage). I look forward to being more clear and concise in my future entries; like all of us, I too am striving to improve.


  1. I really think the only way for us to truly understand how someone who is struggling to make ends meet would be for us to live for one month the way some of these people have to live. Maybe then what you say about poverty and the minimum wage would not be taken out of context. There are a lot of people out there who don't have enough to eat and cannot pay their bills on time. And these are hard working people. Some of them put in 60 hours a week and they are still having trouble making it.

  2. I don't any of your entries are taken out of context Ryan. Maybe it's just that others don't agree with what you are saying.

  3. The blog is the context. There is no "out of". The thing with the written word is that you have no control over perceived intention or interpretation (i.e. reader's response criticism/theory) nor should you. Response depends on the strength of an argument (i.e. proof), the perceived credibility of the writer (i.e. experience)and the experiences of the reader that affect perception (which may differ dramatically from the writer). Basic literary theory. All you can do is try to be articulate but that does not mean that anyone will agree or believe that you are logical etc.This also does not mean they are generalizing or taking you out of context. If the reader does not believe you are credible or has a different worldview you can expect a disagreement. If you want to be perceived as credible on the issue of poverty prove that you are. You have done a good job proving that you are credible on the issue of business and how to be a good boss. It has been noted many times on this blog by people who I suspect do not know you. However, this does not qualify you to speak to the issue of poverty so why would anyone take your theories into consideration or think that you "care differently then some" (I have no idea how someone "cares differently?") Perhaps that is why you are unhappy with the feedback you have received?

  4. A) Love the feedback! (and thanks for yours 22:42)
    b) missed context: I said, "private sector", commenter said, "free market"...that is clearly out of context aside from accurate theories of writing you they are different things. Not me issue...per se...
    c) you said I appear qualified on being good in business, but not on poverty. What is business? Creating wealth. Hmmmm....please think your own comment through...Should we listen to a guy who is creating wealth on the subject of 'creating wealth for those who lack'? I would say YES! You may not say yes and that is fair.
    d) people should consider ideas on their merits, not b/c I say I hope people evaluate my arguments and decide for themselves...again, my blog is inspire you to think, not inspire you to agree.
    e) with that being said, I have had several personal messages encouraging me and thanking me for the blog b/c it helps them think through matters.


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