Monday, 19 December 2011

Ron Paul Simply Makes Sense

"We just don't plain mind our own business...that's our problem."

Finally a Republican President-hopeful who does not want to boss the world around.  Let's end the useless, unjustified wars. End the nation building.

I get there are evil tyrants...we therefore need strong internal economies and military to protect us from them...not set up hundreds of bases to meddle in their affairs.


  1. no he don't make sense this guy to this day beleives 9/11 is a conspiracy and that it is an inside job. from the government. he is nuts and also beleives there is no no threat to usa from Iran. with nucelar weapons. he thinks that isreal should not even be where there at rite now. I don't even know why this maniac is in the gop party. he franky scarry thank god I am Canadian. he reminds me of a white barrack obama with less radical ideas.

  2. your video is good except for 1 major problem the usa wasn't even in Iraq when this happened they weren't even close to there. so ron paul is wrong. on that and this video is wrong.

  3. lol im a canadian too and i was laughing to see how u were brainwashed with the media, i hope ur proud wanting the usa who invest 1500 billion a year in military to invade iran the threat of the world who invest 10 billion? comon get some sense they dont have enough gas to go out, even if they'd get a nuke israel have 300, if you carefully read reports of some people u see their aircraft make them a poor army.... soviets have 5000 nuclear weapons, india china lets wipe everyone right ?

    do you know how many iraki civilians died since the first gulf war with all that sanctions on food and everything, approximately 1 million,

    NOW stop watching TV and start waking up to reality

    peace and harmony can never be achieved by bombing and intimidation, quote from ron paul



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