Monday, 4 April 2011

1 lesson from 10 years of business

Coming up on our 11th year of business, I can tell you with all confidence that building a strong business is no walk in the park.  In fact, I am learning that building a strong anything comes with challenges and takes work.  My business has taught me that when a mistake is made, there is not much good in 'pointing the blame' to others.  As the 'boss', ultimately final responsibility is placed on me.  There is a 100% direct correlation between the mistake our company makes and our bank's a 1:1 ratio...i.e we order $1000 of scrap material...our bill is...$1000 and subsequently that amount leaves our bank.

It's all too easy to 'shift the blame' elsewhere..."so and so" failed in their's their fault.  I have come to realize that yes indeed I place responsibility on others...but it is my job to communicate clear expectations and give the individual clear guidelines, training and support.  This takes much more patience and work.  By me investing in a structure that creates and environment conducive to 'taking responsibility' I have seen a dramatic increase in productivity in our place of work.

This approach is based on a 'leader serving'.  I am to serve those under my authority for their benefit and that of the company.  This is rewarding because the skill learned by those in whom I invest are now transferable not only to a profitable work environment, but also to others...thus a 'culture of champions' is being created.

What are you in charge of? Who and what are your responsible for?  I encourage you today to look at your problems and challenges with a fresh view: overcome problems by serving!  What acts of service can you undergo to see the transformation you desire?  Who can you 'pull in' to your world who will help you analyze the problem and construct a solution?

The biggest mistake I made throughout the years is complaining about problems under my authority.  I have had to learn to think, analyze and pull others into my world and realize that, 'yes indeed' I can make change occur.

Have a fantastic day!

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  1. This was great! :)Thanks for posting!

    Margie Rennie


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