Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Interview with Mr. Liberal.

Cartoon ClipartFor fun, I am using the article copied to do a mock interview; enjoy:
-all non brackets are direct quotes from the article below

Pretend interview with Ryan as the press, and Mr. Liberal as my guest explaining the unveiling of their new plans:

Ryan: "Thank you for meeting with me today Mr. Liberal. So, your plan...what is it?:

Liberals say:" a spending plan laid out over two years that adds up to more than $8 billion."

Ryan says, "Who will....I'm sorry, did you say 8 b-i-l-l-i-o-n...with a b?"

Liberals: "8 billion"

Ryan: "okay, who will benefit from this?"

Liberals say: "Families...(we call it the) Liberal Family Pack "

Ryan: "Liberal family pack? I thought you said it was for Canadians? So why are you not calling it the "Canadian family pack" if this is all about Canadian families?  Would smart conservatives not use your existing title to expose that you are trying to be peoples 'source' and 'go to' when every problem creeps into life? What-da you say? Name change to 'Canadian family pack?"

Liberals: "a good government is there so you don't feel alone...(so we will call it) the liberal family pack"

Ryan: "My goodness....So, what's in the "power pack"?:
Liberals say: " ..(it's) the family pack. Many of the items in the platform have already been announced, including the "Learning Passport" post-secondary funding, an early learning and child care plan, the family care plan to help care for sick relatives, and measures to improve the Canada Pension Plan and help for low-income seniors."

Ryan says, "Dear God! 8 billion for these items? Will the population accept increased taxes? Would they not vote you down for increasing taxes?"

Liberals say: "(our) plan does not raise taxes on families"

Ryan says, "that's impossible! you don't...are you saying you will make cuts to programs and other spending?

Liberals: "....."

Ryan:  "That leaves corporations...are you going to raise their taxes?"

Liberals: "(we will be)  raising corporate tax rates back up to the 2010 level"

Ryan: "oh, i corporations will pay for this "family pack".  Fellas, I have been blogging about government encroaching on area's of jurisdiction that they have no business treading on.  What is the logic for taking hard earned and necessary cooperate profits and spending them on more and more and more and more and more programs?

Liberals, " a good government is there so you don't feel alone."

Ryan: (jaw dropped...silence...)

Liberals continue: "they address a real need of Canadian families"

Ryan: "are you aware that my very point is that you tax money then spend it on programs you have no jurisdiction within? Why is it your job to plan the economy and why are you branding this as 'meeting needs'?

Liberals: silence....

Ryan: "okay, so let's be real, you can't have it all...what are you giving up...?"

Liberals: "(we would accommodate) policy spending with a cancellation of the F-35 fighter jet deal"

Ryan: "Your kidding?!?! You are cancelling spending in an area the government actually has jurisdiction and responsibility in to pay for something you have no business encroaching on?"

Liberals: "(that's why we call ourselves liberals)".

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