Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Socialist-leaning policy devalues low income people: and here's why

(Except your vote!)

Socialism is a government planned economy (controlling means of production and resources).

Socialism says, "government will collectively own/control production and distribute to others"

Often times 'capitalists' accuse socialist policy of stealing their hard earned profits:  "they take all my money and give it away; that's stealing!"...although I think this is true, that is NOT the point of this blog.

Socialist leaning policy devalues people because it denies lower income/opportunity Canadians the platform to succeed by creating a cycle of dependency on the government; kinda like an addictive drug.
On the surface taxing those with money and using it to create billions of dollars for programs may seem kind, just and loving...but when you actually look to see what is really going is really quite devaluing to the development of an individual.

Socialism says, "you can't do it on your need the governments 'helping hand'".  (this blog does not debate the legitimacy of people who are mentally or physically challenged...we are NOT speaking to those who are UNABLE to help themselves)
Socialism devalues people because it ROBS them of the opportunity they have to overcome, develop and grow.  As owner and 'pro free market' I am using a 'free market' platform to launch people by teaching them (and myself) to connect with people, overcome challenges, take responsibility, pick ourselves up from discouragement and make better choices. 

Socialism says, "you don't have to learn all those difficult principles"...we will just collect their money and I will re-distribute it for you."
That is not compassion: the government is a drug and too many Canadians are hooked on this drug because it provides 'relief'.  How selfish.  Mr. Layton; case in point...cap credit cards at prime +5%...
We ought to look at our situation and take personal responsibility for our CHOICES.  It is selfish for Mr. Layton to deny people in that kind of trouble the SAME opportunity so many of us had to learn and grow within...I learned to budget, live within my means, be content with what I have, not covet what I do not have, be inspired to save up and work hard for something...

Socialism ignores those principles by telling you that it's their responsibility to 'level the playing field' on your behalf because the 'tough learned principles' through overcoming adversity are flanked by government policy that bails you out via government programs to meet needs. Responsibility of 'needs' goes from the individual to the government. This transfer carries with it the LOSS of said opportunities for personal development. This devalues the person in lower income groups by denying them the opportunity to live through and build the very principles/skills that were involved in so many Canadians success stories.  That is devaluing and it needs to stop!
Socialism denies real solutions that come with hard work, humility, learning and building relationships and replaces those things with 'drug like relief' by creating a bondage dependency on government services as being the answer and solution to problems and needs...
Rise up Canadians and look and see what the unintended consequences of socialistic attitudes are within government and make a difference with your vote;

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  1. Well said my friend!

    I can testify that learning to expand my understanding of personal responsibility and focusing on acting in compassion has changed my world!

    Great post.


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