Thursday, 21 April 2011

What The NDP Party Is Scared To Admit

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The NDP party of Canada is a member of the Socialist International organization!

In their 'about us' section, we see "The Socialist International works intensely throughout the year to strengthen and develop social democratic policies in the world".

Uh, how?
According to their header: Progressive Politics for a fairer world

Pretty well any definition of socialism is daunting for the New Democrats.

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Socialism is an economic and political theory advocating public or common ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources.

How do we see this political theory acted out?
Government controlling the means of production and distribution.

Taxes/Programs/Spending/Debt is not a mere byproduct of the Socialist NDP party's policy.  It is at their very core!  They want fairness and they believe it is their role to manufacture this fairness by leveling the playing field: passing laws to take from one and give to the other.

The Socialist International organization wants fairness and hands it's mandate out to its members.  The NDP party, a faithful member then regurgitates the socialist agenda and masks it with code words (see: Watch Out For Code Words).

Their means of achieving this fairness is taxing, creating programs and spending like crazy to control the means of production and advance their utopian fairness doctrine.

Don't take my word for it, see for yourself:
The NDP wants to introduce what they're calling the fair tax scheme. The current system, they say, isn't fair and puts too much of a burden on individuals, making corporations less accountable, financially. Corporate tax breaks, says Clark, aren't transformed into jobs.
"We have the lowest corporate taxes in the G7," she said.
The NDP is also pushing for a national child care program. Child care was a serious discussion item five years ago, but it fell off the table. The NDP want to re-introduce it, not just as a discussion item but as policy.
Just like Socialist Internationals mandate: create a fair society through socialism.
Makes sense that a socialist organization wants to create it's policy through socialist philosophy.

On just about every issue, we listen to Jack talk about the government creating fairness, righting the wrongs of the free market.
20% of Canadians are voting to further this agenda?
If you are an open socialist, God bless you and for sure you are getting what you vote for when you give the nod to the NDP party.  If you are not a socialist, but thinking of voting for them, I hope this blog entry caught you like a deer in the headlights and you continue your thought process on this critical subject.
Jack Layton's hypocrisy and lack of courage is highlighted through hushing up his party's constitution (where his hidden socialist agenda would be exposed), refusing to openly admit and talk about his socialist membership affiliation, his attendance at a Socialist International event ARF Attends Socialist International Council at the United Nations and the use of the same language as renowned socialists: creating a government planned economy through fairness.

Socialism devalues people (See: Socialism Devalues Low Income People) and creates the opposite results to which it advocates.

Action Items:
  1. Don’t be fooled by the NDP party, they are socialists as the Bloc' are separatists
  2. Admit their agenda for them!  Their hidden agenda of hushing about their socialism is because if they admit it, their support will plunge.
  3. Vote for a party that upholds a free market. A free market is good because it gives choice and with choice comes freedom, but also responsibility.  
Have courage my friends and make sure people know just what dangers they are experimenting with when they tamper with an NDP vote.

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  1. I am not fooled by Jack and team. I hate socialism and will tell everyone I know that we will look like if Layton gets in. Thanks for the insight.


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