Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Is my 3 year old more wise than Mr. Layton?

So, my 3 year old (who loves baking) read "the little Red Hen" with me last night.

She asks, "Daddy, if the other's wanted to eat bread, why did they not make it themselves?".

How can she get this concept, but not the NDP party?  What am I missing?

At what age do I show her this 'modern' version?

Any suggestions?


  1. You don't need to show your little girl the video, you need to show it to Jack Layton. He needs the lesson a lot more than she does!

  2. I remember my 6 yr old asking me why an older homeless lady we passed was asking us for money. I said it was because she didn't have enough to eat. He said he thought everybody should have enough to eat.

    How can he get this concept. AKA social justice, but not the Conservative Party?

  3. Anonymous, thank you for your post and question. Typically I try not to reply and allow for free debate, however, I would like an opportunity to answer.
    Conservatives 'get' social justice. We just believe it ought to be expressed differently then 'the left'. Therefore, a different expression of social justice does not mean a lack of social justice. Typically, 'the left' looks to view problems as the government's to solve. The 'right' chooses to solve the same problems via individual choice, private charity etc. I have spent thousands of hours investing in social justice to improve others lives and have invested 10's of thousands of dollars in charity to aid those less fortunate. I am fully aware of 'social justice', participating to the fullest and proud to see how well these values fit within a conservative framework; albeit quite differently then government manufactured 'fairness'. Compassion is by the free will, not 'laws and regulations'. I choose to invest in social justice from a position of compassion: me seeing a need and choosing to lovingly meet that need. This approach is not a lack of engagement in social justice: just different.
    I hope this helps you understand how Conservatives get the concept but choose to demonstrate it differently.

  4. I wonder if Anonymous also indicated that many people who are asking for money are doing it instead of finding a real job. Many are preying on the kindness and compassion of others who think they're helping someone out, when in reality they are helping someone stay on the dole. This "income" is tax free so they pay no taxes and they can supplement any welfare or other government-based handout without penalty.

    For this reason, I cannot differentiate between those with genuine need and those who only wish to leech off the general populace. Therefore, I do not give to individuals asking for money on the street.

  5. Anony, perhaps you should have said, she thinks you should feel sorry for her. There are many places where she can find free food from charities, but she thinks if you will feel bad, you will give her money. She already gets some free money from the government, but she wants your allowance too. Lots of people give her money, so she can make more begging than working. If we give her money, then we encourage more people to not work, and if no one works, everyone will have no money.

    I bet your daughter would really get it then!


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