Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Is fairness the correct measuring stick?
 PLEASE help!  I am only trying to learn and need the wisdom of others!

I get how Mr. Layton highlights 'fairness' (Just google: Jack Layton fairness).  It's all about fairness in his political world. I'm sure at one point his once young children saw some spoiled kid at the park licking a double scoop ice cream cone.  When his child complained, "it's not fair she gets two scoops and I don't have any!"...I really want to know, did Mr. Layton say, "Mike, you’re on to something young lad...that is not fair and I will do something about it!"  Like, really?  Did Mr. Layton go take a scoop so each kid had one?  Did he call that 'justice' for all kids at the playground?

Why is it that when we transfer socialist principles from the political arena to the home life, they look absurd and irrational? Yet somehow, someway, real life grownups bypass this obvious fatal logic and vouch to be fought for based on fairness? I am a fairly sharp kid, and I have yet to been given one solid logical answer as to how socialist principles work in the most simple way at home.  How do you teach your kid, "it's all about fairness" without screwing them up?  I mean this sincerely. 

Am I in error if I teach my children to choose to be compassionate by their free will?  To see a need and meet it because you love someone seems more powerful and noble then establishing the rule of redistribution predicated on a 'fairness' doctrine. Code Red, please help. 


  1. I raised two kids who are now in their 40's. Good people raising their own contributing, voting responsible and honest.
    Rule #1 IN lIFE? IT AIN'T FAIR.
    Ask Jack and Oliva what is fair about living in subsidized housing.
    Further how is it possible to bill the taxpayer for over a million a year in expenses.
    Jack is the Weasel Word expert.
    When a Socialist, Liberal or NDP'er start talking about fair lock your door and hide your wallet. JMO

  2. To Anonymous
    Upon checking further Jack and Olivia did in fact live in a co-operative housing unit in Toronto. They were paying fair market rent for their unit. That's how co-ops work.
    Life is not fair BUT that doesn't mean we can't be fair.

  3. O K Anonny, if it was so "fair" why did they move out?
    In the middle of the night.
    Something to do with a picket line?

  4. Jack is the Weasel Word expert.
    When a Socialist, Liberal or NDP'er start talking about fair lock your door and hide your wallet.

    The above pretty well says it all, other than the reminder that it's the Socialists that kill their own. The genocidal set have been doing it for the "Good of the State" for years.

  5. Ryan, What do you do with all the people who were not raised to be compassionate and loving? How do they fit into this non-socialist system of yours? Are you not working on an assumption that man is innately good here? I am sure at one point you expressed to me that you did not share that view?

  6. Jackie: can you elaborate more on your question?

    In what way would these people not "fit" in this non-socialist society?

    (I'm asking because I see multiple possibilities, perhaps you mean they would fight for a socialist system, or maybe you mean they would not be compassionate which would leave many people poor in a non-socialist system, or maybe something else?)


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