Monday, 23 May 2011

Testing by Trial

This post is solely dedicated to those who desire to advance and pursue greater opportunity.

Be encouraged!  We were built to grow, learn and develop.  Although we are creatures of habit, change and progress are built within us.

Be encouraged that conflict and trials are designed not only to be overcome, but learned from.  Our capacity to 'handle more' increases.  This often brings increased responsibility which more often then not, yields greater pay. 

I implore you to 'connect' with family and friends to table your conflicts and concerns you are struggling through.  They are allies in your battles: use them.  It is quite possible the character we develop in connecting with others to overcome trials is worth far more then the 'deal' or 'result' we were so desperately seeking. 

The 'deal' and 'result' remain ever so important, but let us first understand that our character matters more. 

In my years of business I have seen several people (including myself) become discouraged at the 'lack of results' and the 'deal gone bad'.  This despair is a tragedy!  Be encouraged that we can learn and grow by connecting with others!  Know that the skills we develop by overcoming will be lasting skills that yields a 'foundation' on which more and more deals come our way.  Focus on the process and results will follow.

Today, I encourage you to write out your greatest challenges and conflicts.  Determine to speak to at least 1 person about them.  Set your eyes on the process of relating and how you plan to resolve these challenges.  Commit to focusing on the right process and by this, overcome. 

Conservative Tie-In:
We can't effectively lecture others on 'learning, developing and growing' to be more self sufficient, if we are not modeling this ourselves: we need to align our political ideals with our most core life principals.
By overcoming through connecting with family and friends, you have a foundation and platform to share with others about the power of developing by getting help from those in our lives.  By us having this testimony , we have moral authority to share this with people who perhaps are struggling.  Others see this principle active in our lives and are much more likely to 'get it'.

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